Episode #341: How Low Can We Go?

August 10, 2019

Half-measures are not for us and so this week you get a full measure of idiosyncrasy. Movie music, TV music, radio music, and many other things (note that Oxford comma which you should always use). It’s what you expect because you know us by now. And we know you too, many of you by name. So jump in and thanks for listening.

(0:00:00) Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette, Schoolchildren — Risselty Rosselty (from The Birds (1963))
(0:07:24) Your DJs Wonder If That Was a Little Too Much
(0:12:57) Doc Watson — Muskrat
(0:15:48) The Rolling Stones — Monkey Man
(0:20:00) José Feliciano — Light My Fire
(0:23:30) Buffy Sainte-Marie — The Circle Game
(0:26:23) Your DJs Discuss the Obvious
(0:28:24) Radio Commercial — Electricity: The Bright Spot in Your Budget
(0:29:18) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Padam, Padam
(0:32:47) Cassandra Wilson — Harvest Moon
(0:37:40) The Passionate and Objective Jokerfan (Matt Farley) — Iggy Azalea Is Nice Woman
(0:39:01) Peppa Pig — It's Peppa Pig
(0:41:26) Lizzo — Juice (2019 Tiny Desk Concert)
(0:47:46) Your DJs Discuss the Set Politely
(0:51:18) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Calling Dr. Marx
(0:53:55) The Cardigans — Lovefool
(0:57:27) The Kinks — Picture Book
(1:00:02) Paul Revere and The Raiders — Good Thing
(1:03:06) Your DJs Discuss Band Names and Other Things
(1:04:47) Édith Piaf — Padam, Padam
(1:08:03) Fats Domino — Blue Monday
(1:10:18) Fanfare Ciocărlia — Caravan
(1:14:39) Gwen Verdon, Bob Fosse — Who's Got the Pain? (from Damn Yankees (1958))
(1:18:11) Your DJs Played a Few Things There
(1:21:53) George Wright — Ascot Gavotte
(1:24:23) Madness — Our House
(1:27:43) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Sensuality
(1:28:04) Chubby Checker — Limbo Rock
(1:30:29) Elvis Presley — There's Always Me
(1:32:46) Your DJs Know When It’s Time to Leave
(1:36:28) Leonard Bernstein — Opening and Closing Themes to The Dick Cavett Show

Episode #340: Let ‘Em Go, Because, Man, They’re Gone

August 3, 2019

That’s half of summer gone now. But who cares? At any time of year you can listen and re-listen to this one which has timeless music and chat (well, the music at least). Covers! French! Piano! Twists! Shouts! Frank! Hoagy! And lots more, but you can read, can’t you? Listen first, though, and then read. Don’t spoil the surprise.

(0:00:00) Bettye LaVette — Things Have Changed
(0:06:54) Your DJs Think That Was Excellent
(0:13:54) Peter and Gordon — I Go to Pieces
(0:16:15) Los Bravos — Bring a Little Lovin' (from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019))
(0:18:33) The Beatles — Leave My Kitten Alone
(0:21:24) The Isley Brothers — Twist and Shout
(0:23:52) Your DJs Discuss Covers
(0:26:45) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Comme ci, comme ça
(0:29:52) Haim — Summer Girl
(0:33:36) Kate and Anna McGarrigle with The Mountain City Four — La valse du maître draveur (Log Driver's Waltz)
(0:36:37) Taylor Swift — The Archer
(0:40:07) Your DJs Just Played Four Selections for You
(0:44:11) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Tough to Get Good Help These Days
(0:49:43) A Tribe Called Quest — Luck of Lucien
(0:54:15) Jeanines — Either Way
(0:55:59) The Flying Burrito Brothers — Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)
(0:58:59) Janis Joplin — Get It While You Can
(1:02:24) Your DJs Have Some Words for You
(1:05:19) Robyn Hitchcock — Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl
(1:07:15) Irma Thomas — Ruler of My Heart
(1:09:52) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: If You Ever Drop Your Keys...
(1:10:13) Vince Guaraldi Trio — O Tannenbaum
(1:15:17) Frank Sinatra — The Night We Called It a Day
(1:18:38) William Bolcom — The Man I Love
(1:20:56) Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra — One Night in Havana
(1:24:18) Ray Charles — Hallelujah I Love Her So
(1:26:51) Your DJs Leave You Sleeping
(1:31:22) Peppa Pig — Peppa's Lullaby

Episode #339: Strings and Things

July 27, 2019

This week you’ll hear excellent-sounding instrumentals and covers, more strings than usual, the four seasons, jeans, jazz, cowboys, and more. The chat’s pretty good, too. Go.

(0:00:00) Otto Klemperer, Philharmonia Orchestra — Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, Op. 68 "Pastoral": I. Allegro ma non troppo
(0:12:58) Your DJs Explain
(0:19:09) Petula Clark — Les chants de l'été
(0:21:42) The Mantovani Orchestra — Greensleeves (What Child Is This?)
(0:24:47) Astrud Gilberto — It Might As Well Be Spring
(0:29:11) The Coasters — Autumn Leaves
(0:33:04) Your DJs with Their Explanations
(0:34:42) Jefferson Airplane — Levis Commercial #1
(0:35:41) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Paris Canaille
(0:39:46) A Taste of Honey — Sukiyaki
(0:43:45) The London Double Bass Sound — Frère Jacques Fantasy
(0:49:16) Snoop Doggy Dogg — Lodi Dodi
(0:53:41) Your DJs with Information
(0:57:54) Jefferson Airplane — Levis Commercial #2
(0:58:39) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Transference
(1:00:38) Weezer — Rosanna
(1:05:28) Apocalyptica — Nothing Else Matters
(1:10:11) Art Pepper — Patricia
(1:13:47) Your DJs with a Recap
(1:17:01) Kramer — I'm Your Fan (live in Japan)
(1:19:39) Starbuck — Moonlight Feels Right
(1:23:13) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: A Tragic Love Affair
(1:23:38) The Free Design — Canada in Springtime
(1:26:06) Sinéad O'Connor — You Do Something to Me
(1:28:39) Your DJs with a Valediction
(1:33:03) Frankie Laine — Theme to Rawhide

Episode #338: We Don’t Need to Go Back There Again

July 20, 2019

This week we play covers, new discoveries, old favorites, music from movies and TV, and more, plus we discuss hamburgers and celebrities. It’s hot outside but it’s cool inside.

(0:00:00) The Millar Brass Ensemble conducted by Vincent Cichowicz — Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid, in the style of Joplin)
(0:02:53) Your DJs Have Arrived
(0:07:53) They Might Be Giants — Youth Culture Killed My Dog
(0:10:40) Taylor Swift — Fearless/I'm Yours/Hey, Soul Sister
(0:16:13) Siri — Directions to White Castle
(0:16:49) Ry Cooder — Theme from Southern Comfort (1981)
(0:20:33) Nas feat. Kanye West and Chrisette Michele — Still Dreaming
(0:24:12) Your DJs Discuss Fast Food and Other Things
(0:29:28) Cracker Jack — Candy-Coated Popcorn, Peanuts and a Prize (Commercial)
(0:29:57) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — The River Seine
(0:33:57) The Moonglows — Sincerely
(0:37:28) The McGuire Sisters — Sincerely
(0:45:26) Petula Clark — La Seine et la Tamise
(0:43:23) Your DJs Enjoyed the Set
(0:45:42) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Mrs. Fenn, Patron of the Arts
(0:55:58) Seals and Crofts — Summer Breeze
(0:59:21) The John Morris Orchestra, Cloris Leachman, Marty Feldman, Gene Wilder — Frau Blucher (from Young Frankenstein (1974))
(1:01:47) Laura Branigan — Name Game
(1:06:37) Karen Souza feat. Anita Repilado — Smooth Operator
(1:09:53) Your DJs Have Given You a Lot
(1:12:27) Bobby Vee — More Than I Can Say
(1:14:55) The Thrills — Hollywood Kids
(1:20:28) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: One Thing That Will Really Make a Woman Mad
(1:20:51) Michael Hedges — If I Needed Someone
(1:24:07) Jenny Lewis — Hollywood Lawn
(1:28:40) Your DJs Had a Great Time and Hope That You Did Too
(1:34:44) Max Richter — Themes from The Leftovers: Main Title (Season 1)/Departure (Lullaby)

Episode #337: The Barefoot Contessa Strikes Back

July 13, 2019

Featured selections this week include music from movies, TV, the distant past, and the very present. Of course there are also some covers (have we ever done a program without any?) and some chuckles. Now that you’re done reading this you can start listening to it. Sorry to have gone on for so long.

(0:00:00) Neil Sedaka — Little Devil
(0:02:42) Your DJs Tell You What Is and What Isn’t
(0:08:16) Betty Boop Soundtrack Artists — Sweet Betty
(0:08:50) Henry Mancini and His Orchestra and Chorus — Something for Cat (from Breakfast at Tiffany's (1962))
(0:11:57) Taylor Swift — You Need to Calm Down
(0:14:47) Betty Boop Soundtrack Artists — Sweet Betty (Version 2)
(0:15:21) Shirley Ellis — Ever See a Diver Kiss His Wife While the Bubbles Bounce About Above the Water?
(0:17:55) One Direction — Perfect
(0:21:44) Phil Spitalny's Music — Betty Boop
(0:24:16) Your DJs Boop Around
(0:32:22) Radio Commercial — Grzedik Brothers Beer
(0:33:20) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — If You Love Me, Really Love Me
(0:36:29) Brian Wilson — Kiss the Girl (from The Little Mermaid)
(0:40:46) The Smothers Brothers — The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
(0:48:44) Lykke Li — Unchained Melody
(0:51:22) Your DJs Speak
(0:54:01) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Jack Fagen Interviews Barbara Mush
(1:02:10) Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons — December, 1963 (Oh What a Night)
(1:05:43) Frankie Laine — Rose, Rose I Love You
(1:08:15) Lizzo — Jerome
(1:12:07) Your DJs Speak Some More
(1:14:04) Petula Clark — Games People Play
(1:16:40) Kacey Musgraves — Velvet Elvis
(1:19:11) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: A Good Gift for the President
(1:19:35) Louis Jordan — Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)
(1:22:06) Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs — Li'l Red Riding Hood
(1:22:47) Etta James — Shortnin' Bread Rock
(1:27:17) The Dixie Cups — People Say
(1:29:50) Your DJs Reach the End of Today’s Speeches
(1:36:37) Joe Harnell — Themes to The Incredible Hulk: Main Title (version #2)/The Lonely Man Theme (reprise)

Episode #336: Better Music and Chat a Millionaire’s Money Can’t Buy

July 6, 2019

It’s July and now the living is even easier. Enjoy show tunes, movie music, standards, covers, samples, chuckles, and more. There’s always more. We can’t tell you everything here. Sometimes you just have to listen.

(0:00:00) Jenny Lin — March of the Siamese Children (from The King and I)
(0:03:53) Your DJs Start the Party
(0:06:36) René Garriguenc — Street Moods in Jazz (from The Twilight Zone)
(0:10:40) Ella Fitzgerald — Heat Wave
(0:13:03) Jimmy Smith — Walk on the Wild Side (Parts 1 and 2)
(0:18:56) Sarah Vaughan — The Time for Love Is Anytime (from Cactus Flower (1969))
(0:21:44) Your DJs Speak of the Set
(0:26:33) Chock Full o' Nuts Coffee — Chock Full o' Nuts Is That Heavenly Coffee (Commercial)
(0:26:51) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Dance at Bougival
(0:32:51) Taylor Swift — Bette Davis Eyes
(0:36:24) Patty Griffin — Rowing Song
(0:39:46) Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox feat. Morgan James — Maps
(0:43:30) Your DJs Speak of What Was and What Will Be
(0:47:39) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Morning Rounds
(0:49:35) Ray LaMontagne — Hannah
(0:55:12) William Bolcom — That Certain Feeling
(0:56:28) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — As Fast As My Little Feet Can Carry Me (live in Rochester, 1984)
(1:02:01) The Isley Brothers — Between the Sheets
(1:07:38) Your DJs Speak, Recover, Speak Again, and Begin One More Set
(1:11:00) Cher — Waterloo
(1:13:51) Carly Rae Jepsen — Run Away with Me
(1:18:00) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: A Good Movie
(1:18:26) Dusty Springfield — Ain't No Sun Since You've Been Gone
(1:21:10) Miley Cyrus — Time of Our Lives
(1:24:42) Mel Blanc — Toot, Toot, Tootsie
(1:27:21) The Notorious B.I.G. — Big Poppa
(1:31:34) Your DJs Say That’s All for Now (Folks)
(1:34:37) Dina Dore — Theme to All My Children

Episode #335: If a Man Answers, Don’t Hang Up

June 29, 2019

Yours for the downloading: curated chat and music by two sincere chatters who only want to share. Hear selections from everywhere and everywhen. If you have 90 free minutes, we can take care of that for you.

(0:00:00) The Incredible String Band — How Happy I Am
(0:02:18) Your DJs Are Happy and Can Hear Each Other Just Fine
(0:06:30) Ramin Djawadi — Jenny of Oldstones (from Game of Thrones, Season 8)
(0:08:58) Nick Drake — Saturday Sun
(0:13:01) Melanie — Ruby Tuesday
(0:17:36) Ben Howard — Only Love
(0:21:47) Your DJs Tell You What That Was
(0:24:19) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Je n'en connais pas la fin/Danse avec moi
(0:29:14) LL Cool J — Going Back to Cali
(0:33:24) Mrs. Miller — Catch a Falling Star
(0:35:13) Charlie Byrd — Meditation
(0:38:22) D’Angelo — Lady
(0:44:09) Your DJs Convey What You Need
(0:46:30) Radio Commercial — Mildred, the Bed and Bath Lady
(0:47:29) The Setting Son — Are You the One
(0:50:00) Billie Eilish — Bad Guy
(0:53:12) The Bar-Kays — Soul Finger
(0:55:30) Shirley Ellis — The Nitty Gritty
(0:57:45) Your DJs Are Pleased
(1:02:49) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Annoying Seatmate
(1:08:23) Chita Rivera — All That Jazz (from Chicago (1975) (Original Broadway Cast Recording))
(1:11:33) Peter Schickele — Four Folk Song Upsettings (S. 4): Little Bunny Hop Hop Hop
(1:13:36) Eartha Kitt — Nothin' for Christmas
(1:16:10) Sufjan Stevens — Chicago
(1:22:15) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Sometimes I Think the World...
(1:22:40) Ruth Etting — Were You Sincere?
(1:25:54) Grant-Lee Phillips — Smile
(1:29:49) Your DJs Think That Was a Grand Set
(1:35:54) Dave Grusin — Theme to St. Elsewhere

Episode #334: Buy a Bunch Today

June 22, 2019

This time around: a change of seasons, some summer stuff, covers and chants and karaoke and chuckles, plus some real favorites of ours. And we find a song that one of us lost in childhood. Look hard enough for something and maybe you’ll find it. But there are no guarantees.

The living is now easy. And downloading this episode is also easy, SO easy.

(0:00:00) Louis Jordan — Bananas
(0:02:41) Your DJs
(0:10:27) Death Cab for Cutie — I Will Follow You Into the Dark
(0:13:35) Leonard Cohen — You Want It Darker
(0:18:17) Billy Stewart — Summertime
(0:23:13) The Style Council — Long Hot Summer
(0:27:01) Your DJs
(0:30:15) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Fascination
(0:33:52) African Choir The Grace — Biso E Biso E (Us, Us)
(0:39:32) Blossom Dearie — The Best Is Yet to Come
(0:42:21) Tony! Toni! Toné! — Feels Good
(0:47:20) Your DJs
(0:50:53) Stan Freberg — Do People Really Listen to Radio Commercials?
(0:51:55) Wilson Phillips — Go Your Own Way
(0:55:33) Cat Stevens — Moonshadow
(0:58:21) Angélique Kidjo — Blewu
(0:59:54) Bob and Doug McKenzie — The Beerhunter
(1:02:17) Kendrick Lamar, SZA — All the Stars (from Black Panther (2018))
(1:06:10) Your DJs
(1:10:15) The Supremes — The Happening (without lead vocal)
(1:13:06) Jonas Brothers — Burnin' Up
(1:16:00) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Hammers
(1:16:24) Cat Power feat. Lana Del Rey — Woman
(1:21:13) Halsey — Hurricane
(1:24:55) Your DJs
(1:29:44) Woody Harrelson and Marisa Tomei — Theme to All in the Family
(1:30:45) Jennifer Hudson — Theme to The Jeffersons

Episode #333: Lemon Freshness Without Active Enzymes

June 15, 2019

This week: songs about Taylor’s love life, laundry advice, show tunes galore, old music, new music, covers, standards, and just more more more! You trust us, right? Good. Please download. Tell all your friends, too.

(0:00:00) Jonas Brothers with Taylor Swift — Should've Said No
(0:04:22) Your DJs Arrive and Speak
(0:07:14) Burl Ives — Two-Car Garage
(0:09:34) Lady Antebellum — Need You Now (iTunes Live Session Performance)
(0:13:17) Tom Rush — Sweet Baby James
(0:16:37) Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper — I Don't Know What Love Is (from A Star Is Born (2018))
(0:19:36) Your DJs Speak
(0:22:54) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — I Wish You Love
(0:26:59) Yao Lee — Rose, Rose, I Love You
(0:29:26) Kyu Sakamoto — Sukiyaki
(0:32:32) Taylor Swift — Forever and Always (Piano Version)
(0:37:00) Your DJs Speak
(0:42:32) Fab Laundry Detergent — Commercial: Fab with Lemon-Freshened Borax (1975)
(0:43:01) Jenny Lin — Carousel Waltz (from Carousel)
(0:49:15) Chet Baker — But Not for Me
(0:52:17) Fab Laundry Detergent — Commercial: Fab with Lemon-Freshened Borax (1980)
(0:52:47) Doris Day — Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
(0:55:19) Lizzo — Heaven Help Me
(0:58:42) Your DJs Speak
(1:04:06) Jack Haley with Irving Miller and His Orchestra and Chorus — Rhode Island Is Famous for You (from Inside USA (1948))
(1:06:29) Michael Feinstein — Rhode Island Is Famous for You
(1:09:42) Mandy Patinkin — Rhode Island Is Famous for You
(1:12:42) Mark Winkler, Cheryl Bentyne — Rhode Island Is Famous for You
(1:16:23) Your DJs Speak
(1:19:30) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Halavah Plantation
(1:22:34) The Chantels — Look in My Eyes
(1:24:49) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Math Test
(1:25:14) Charles Kimbraugh, John Cunningham, Steve Elmore, George Coe, Charles Braswell — Have I Got a Girl for You (from Company (1970) (Original Broadway Cast Recording))
(1:27:49) The Gaylords — Who's Got the Pain? (from Damn Yankees)
(1:30:00) Your DJs Speak and Leave
(1:33:03) Mike Post — Theme to Quantum Leap

Episode #332: Eating Fancy Chow and Drinking Fancy Wine

June 8, 2019

This time around we have movie music, TV music, show tunes, and marching bands, plus we start a new serialized foreign adventure and pay tribute to another departed legend. Old stuff, new stuff, good stuff, the usual stuff.

(0:00:00) Soggy Bottom Boys feat. Dan Tyminski and Band — I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow (from O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000))
(0:04:13) Your DJs Are Finally Here!
(0:09:16) Landon Austin and Maddy Newton — Me! (Taylor Swift cover)
(0:12:37) Gwen Verdon — If My Friends Could See Me Now (from Sweet Charity (1966) (Original Broadway Cast Recording))
(0:16:03) Theodore Bikel — Ay Te Tsi Nye Te
(0:16:50) Judy Garland — A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
(0:19:54) Beyoncé — Drunk in Love
(0:24:10) Your DJs Are Still Here!
(0:30:47) Bob and Ray — Music Factory Entertainment News: Doris Day
(0:32:59) Doris Day — Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
(0:35:02) Doris Day — I Said My Pajamas (And Put on My Prayers)
(0:38:00) Doris Day — The Black Hills of Dakota (from Calamity Jane (1953))
(0:40:59) Doris Day — Teacher's Pet (from Teacher’s Pet (1958))
(0:43:35) Nellie McKay — The Black Hills of Dakota
(0:47:35) Your DJs Continue!
(0:50:08) Blossom Dearie — If I Were a Bell
(0:53:13) Bettye Swann — I Will Not Cry
(0:56:17) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Thirsty
(0:57:35) The Zombies — Time of the Season
(1:01:05) The Shangri-Las — Leader of the Pack
(1:03:52) Your DJs Persist!
(1:08:11) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Under Paris Skies/Une rose rouge
(1:13:47) The Jesus and Mary Chain — Just Like Honey
(1:16:48) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: If God Dwells Inside Us...
(1:17:09) Sam Phillips — I Want to Be You
(1:19:58) Stetsasonic — Go Brooklyn 3
(1:23:51) Beastie Boys — Electric Worm
(1:27:08) Jenny Lewis — Heads Gonna Roll
(1:32:21) Your DJs Hit the Road!
(1:35:43) George Clinton — Theme to The Tracey Ullman Show ("You're Thinking Right")