Episode #381: A Grievous Offense, Sufficient Reflection, and Full Consent of the Will

That’s the way it’s done, that’s the Full Duplex Radio formula for success. This week’s successes include classic comedy, lovely covers, retro soul, ex-bashing, pianos, a novachord, Disney music, and more, interrupted regularly by explanations and gossip and chat. Take it out for a spin! The first one is free.

(0:00:00) Amy Adams — That’s How You Know (from Enchanted (2007))
(0:03:47) Your DJs Are Here to Conduct Their Regular Business
(0:09:35) Cilla Black — Anyone Who Had a Heart
(0:12:25) Theo Bleckmann — Cloudbusting
(0:16:03) Jenifer Jackson — Burned Down Summer
(0:19:53) Taylor Swift — Dear John
(0:26:37) Your DJs Gossip
(0:30:44) George Carlin — I Used to Be Irish Catholic/The Confessional
(0:37:54) Carolyn Crawford — My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down)
(0:41:04) Jimmy Castor — Oh, Yeh
(0:43:50) Robin Thicke — I Love It (Originally by Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX)
(0:46:33) Your DJs Intrude
(0:49:47) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Cougar
(0:50:45) Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson — Four Seasons
(0:56:06) Leon Bridges — Bad Bad News
(0:59:32) The Monkees — Laurel and Hardy
(1:02:16) Miley Cyrus — Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
(1:07:51) Your DJs Make Sure You Understand
(1:10:29) Buddy Holly — I'm Gonna Love You Too
(1:12:43) Prince — I Wanna Be Your Lover
(1:18:30) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Grandpa's Farm
(1:19:03) George Winston — The Masked Marvel
(1:24:37) Komeda — It's Alright, Baby
(1:27:38) Your DJs Have Had It, We’re Going Home Now
(1:31:33) Vera Lynn with Arthur Young at the Novachord — We'll Meet Again