Episode #38: We Don’t Want You, But We Need You

This week we start with Monteverdi and the McGarrigles and move on to Hawaii and to the Pirates of the Caribbean. We have songs about hygiene and pie and grooving, we have movie music from Harry Nilsson, we discuss bread, we have powerfully great piano playing by our friend Mike Jones, there's a Beatles cover by those people we like, we have the Mamas and the Papas, and there's even something in there about a kangaroo. Plus still more.

Should we have let our playlist speak for itself? No matter. Here it is. We hope you'll listen. Tell that guy next to you how much you're liking it.

  1. Emma Kirkby and Anthony Rooley — Maledetto sia l'aspetto (from Monteverdi's Scherzi Musicali)
  2. Kate and Anna McGarrigle — My Johnny's Gone to Hilo (Live at Convocation Hall, Toronto, 1982)
  3. Hawaii Calls Orchestra and Chorus — Aloha 'Oe
  4. "King" Bennie Nawahi — Hawaiian Melody
  5. Pavement — Blue Hawaiian
  6. The Mellomen — The "Yo Ho" Mega Mix (from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride)
  7. Lovage — Herbs, Good Hygiene, and Socks
  8. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore — Bo Dudley
  9. Led Zeppelin — Custard Pie
  10. Harry Nilsson — Daybreak (from Son of Dracula (1974))
  11. Barry Manilow — Daybreak
  12. Todd Rundgren — You Cried Wolf
  13. Bread — Baby I'm-A Want You
  14. Mike Jones Trio — I'm Walkin'
  15. Wilco — Walken
  16. She and Him — You Really Got a Hold on Me
  17. The Mamas and the Papas — Dream a Little Dream of Me
  18. Eric Jupp — Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo (TV Theme)