Episode #363: There’s Nowt Wrong with Gala Luncheons, Lad!

This week we’re no longer out of sight, out of mind, and out of this world. We’ve been gone for a week. Did our absence make your heart grow fonder? Did it grow three sizes? We hope to please even if we can’t promise to. The variety and the good intentions are all there. Here are 90 well-intentioned minutes that we made for you.

(0:00:00) Norma Tanega — You're Dead
(0:02:20) Your DJs Have Arrived
(0:06:48) Jelly Roll Morton — Jungle Blues (Piano Instrumental)
(0:10:33) The Temprees — My Baby Love
(0:13:24) Nelson Riddle — Your Zowie Face
(0:15:58) The Streets — Weak Become Heroes
(0:21:29) Your DJs Speak of Music
(0:25:00) The Passionate and Objective Jokerfan (Matt Farley) — I Felt Like Singing About Billy Currington
(0:26:20) Billy Currington — People Are Crazy
(0:30:11) The New Year — Sinking Ship
(0:33:30) Cathy Fink and Duck Donald — Knoxville Girl
(0:36:48) The Band — When You Awake
(0:40:00) Your DJs Revisit
(0:43:26) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — The Pope Joke/Fiddle Solo
(0:46:03) Elbow — Running to Stand Still (U2 cover)
(0:51:17) William Bolcom — I Got Rhythm
(0:52:35) Patty Griffin — Ruby's Arms
(0:58:40) Taylor Swift — Christmas Tree Farm
(1:02:26) Your DJs Speak About the Tunes
(1:05:46) Monty Python — Working Class Playwright
(1:09:22) The Free Design — I Found Love
(1:12:03) Marcie Blane — What Does a Girl Do
(1:14:18) Pharrell feat. Jay-Z — Frontin'
(1:18:12) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: An Old Man's Folly
(1:18:33) Leon Bridges — If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)
(1:21:46) Lana Del Rey — Doin' Time
(1:25:06) Your DJs Wrap It Up with a Bow
(1:30:29) Norma Tanega — A Street That Rhymes at 6am