Episode #361: There Must Be Something Wrong with This, Sally

We regale you this week with the sweet voices of children, rappers, pop stars, country stars, rock stars, beard rock stars, baritones, drunken partiers, and more. Lots of irreverence with barely a hint of reverence. Long selections, short selections, and even Bing. Happy New Year!

(0:00:00) Juan Schwartz (Trey Parker) and The South Park Children's Choir — Dead, Dead, Dead
(0:02:12) Your DJs Appear
(0:06:27) Gertrude Lawrence — Someone to Watch Over Me (from Oh, Kay! (1926))
(0:09:53) Harry Styles — Juice (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
(0:13:10) Uncle Mac — There's a Friend for Little Children
(0:15:14) Beastie Boys — B-Boys Bouillabaisse
(0:27:49) Your DJs Are Relatable
(0:30:42) Unknown Announcer — Progress in Advertising (Ad for Durium)
(0:32:01) Cougar on a Meth Binge — Cutie Face
(0:35:34) Shania Twain — Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
(0:39:28) Taylor Swift — Macavity (from Cats (2019))
(0:44:39) Johnny Guarnieri with Slam Stewart — Santa's Secret
(0:47:25) Your DJs Speak
(0:52:34) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — Betsy Sal/Sal Boo
(0:57:04) Kacey Musgraves — Happy and Sad
(1:01:14) The Liverbirds — He's Something Else
(1:03:30) Love — Everybody's Gotta Live
(1:06:50) Your DJs Speak to the Subject at Hand
(1:11:33) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Doing the Bard
(1:14:52) Stacey Kent — Jardin d'hiver
(1:18:23) Erich Kunz, Male Chorus and Orchestra of the Vienna Volksoper, Franz Litschauer — Doktor Eisenbart (Doctor Ironbeard)
(1:20:05) Lindisfarne — Fog on the Tyne
(1:23:28) The Weepies — World Spins Madly On
(1:26:12) Your DJs Are Ready for the Finish
(1:30:19) Bing Crosby — Let's Start the New Year Right