Episode #309: Animals, Fools, Mealtimes, and More

Goodbye to that old year. New one coming soon! Next year there will be more old music, more new music, and more banter. The world’s culture stash keeps growing. Already, on this very episode, you can travel across the decades and still be back by teatime. We speak metaphorically but you know what we mean. Happy New Year, Listeners.

(0:00:00) Lorne Michaels — Beatles Offer (1976-04-24) (from NBC’s Saturday Night)
(0:02:08) Your DJs Are Here to Escort You Into the New Year
(0:08:49) Tak Shindo — Stumbling
(0:10:55) Art Pepper and Marty Paich Quartet — Over the Rainbow
(0:13:14) George Wright — I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
(0:17:11) Billie Holiday — I'll Be Seeing You
(0:20:39) Your DJs Introduce Another Tribute Set, Oh No!
(0:24:04) Cannonball Adderley — African Waltz
(0:26:13) Anna McGarrigle — Anna introduces Galt MacDermot's "Call It Home"
(0:27:13) Galt MacDermot — Call It Home
(0:29:54) Allan Nicholls — Goin' Down (from Hair)
(0:32:18) Lynn Kellogg — Easy to Be Hard (from Hair (1968) (Original Broadway Cast Recording))
(0:34:55) Galt MacDermot — Coffee Cold
(0:38:17) Kate & Anna McGarrigle — Cover Up My Head
(0:41:12) Your DJs Go Over a Couple Two Three Things
(0:47:30) Haddaway — What Is Love
(0:51:57) Nas — Memory Lane (Sittin’ in da Park)
(0:56:04) Lynn Kellogg — Opening and Closing Themes to Animals, Animals, Animals
(0:57:58) Sylvia and Murray Winant — Doc Clock (The Breakfast Time Friend) (Part 2)
(1:01:00) Mark Kozelek with Minnie Driver — Something Stupid
(1:03:51) Your DJs Really Liked That
(1:07:45) Ricky Nelson — Poor Little Fool
(1:10:17) Your DJs Seek Closure, Achieve It, and Move On
(1:10:54) Christopher Reeve, Elaine May, Mike Nichols, Phil Donahue — And Superboy Makes 3 (from Free to Be…a Family (1988))
(1:15:55) Camera Obscura — New Year's Resolution
(1:21:28) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: If Dogs Ever Take Over the World...
(1:21:54) Blossom Dearie — Some Other Time
(1:25:49) Tom Waits — New Year's Eve
(1:30:14) Your DJs Send You on Your Way Into the Year That Lies Ahead
(1:36:21) Millicent Martin with David Frost — That Was the Week That Was