Episode #278: Hey, Everybody, It’s Summertime!

It isn’t really summertime yet but it’s close enough for government work. If you listen this week you can hear a few songs that allude to summer in some way, and many more songs that don’t mention summer at all but that are also interesting. And you know that it’s in the back of everyone’s mind anyway. Regulars and irregulars both, all types of listeners are welcome and invited to download. There’s still time!

(0:00:00) Three Beat Slide — Summertime Is Great
(0:03:54) Your DJs Start Summer Early for You
(0:12:32) Sol Hoopii and His Novelty Quartette — I Like You
(0:15:41) Raffi — Robin in the Rain
(0:17:35) Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer feat. Riders in the Sky — I’m My Own Grandpa
(0:21:13) Dierks Bentley — Sounds of Summer
(0:24:36) Your DJs Relate
(0:29:50) Fleetwood Mac — Second Hand News (Rough Mix)
(0:32:36) Fleetwood Mac — Second Hand News (Album Version)
(0:35:52) Justin Timberlake — Summer Love
(0:40:03) Childish Gambino — This Is America
(0:43:48) Your DJs Chat
(0:45:24) Orson Welles — The War of the Worlds (Part 3)
(0:50:57) The Decemberists — June Hymn
(0:54:54) CBS — Promo for a February 1962 Judy Garland TV Special
(0:55:54) Judy Garland — You Made Me Love You
(0:58:43) Doris Day — You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me
(1:00:51) Your DJs Chat Again
(1:03:03) The Yardbirds — Over Under Sideways Down
(1:05:24) Cat Stevens — Morning Has Broken
(1:08:41) Melinda Simon and Mark Fay — Ice Cream Truck #4
(1:09:29) Dyan — Looking for Knives
(1:15:41) Julie Cruise — The World Spins
(1:22:17) The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns (Matt Farley) — Clark, NJ
(1:24:26) Pelé feat. Elis Regina — Perdão não tem
(1:28:33) Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers — Are You Real?
(1:33:21) Your DJs Wrap Up This Long Program
(1:38:57) Robert Duncan — Theme to Timeless