Episode #274: Those We Miss You’ll Surely Pardon

How many songs fly to and fro through our English country podcast? We’ll tell you now of some that we know: it looks like about 25 or so this week. Rock and folk, hip and hop, organs, dulcimers, pianos, harpsichords, harps, handbells, big bass fiddles, drums, drum machines…well, there’s a lot, that cannot be denied. And voices, beautiful voices. We’re positive you’ll like it.

(0:00:00) Joni Mitchell — Origin of the Dulcimer/Carey (live in London, 1970)
(0:06:29) Your DJs Speak, Not for the Last Time
(0:11:51) Steeleye Span — All Around My Hat
(0:15:57) André Bertrand, Aimé Major, Michel Louvain, Margot Lefevbre — Halte-là! Les Canadiens sont là
(0:16:29) Ivy — Feel So Free
(0:21:28) felipe10 — Halte-là! Les Canadiens sont là
(0:21:42) Shawn Colvin — You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
(0:25:50) Pat Denis — Halte-là! Les Canadiens sont là
(0:26:05) Lauryn Hill — Everything Is Everything
(0:30:59) codo27 — Halte-là! Les Canadiens sont là
(0:31:30) Your DJs Explain All That and Introduce Another TMV Set
(0:38:05) Jimmie Rodgers — English Country Garden
(0:40:45) Martin Jones — Country Gardens
(0:42:44) North Texas Wind Symphony — Country Gardens
(0:44:43) “Four in Hand" Grosmont Handbell Ringers — Country Gardens
(0:46:08) Your DJs Recap That Stuff
(0:49:29) Marianne Faithfull — This Little Bird
(0:51:30) Laura Nyro — Dedicated to the One I Love (live)
(0:54:42) Melinda Simon and Mark Fay — Ananse, the Spider-Man
(0:56:30) Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra — Babalu
(0:59:59) Curtis Fuller — Minor Vamp
(1:03:56) Your DJs Speak of Music
(1:07:53) Chuck Berry — Around and Around
(1:10:32) Drake — Over My Dead Body
(1:15:06) The Rutles — Hold My Hand
(1:17:14) Otis Redding — Nobody’s Fault but Mine
(1:19:36) Nancy Sinatra with Brian Wilson — California Girls
(1:22:44) Jibbs — Chain Hang Low
(1:26:13) Your DJs Wrap Up
(1:31:25) Professor Elemental — All the Best