Episode #269: Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, you wonder where your podcast is. It’s right here. Grab it and listen to cover tunes, songs that mention colors, and much more stuff in different genres, all with minimal chat. For some reason we weren’t so chatty this time. You should see what we left on the cutting room floor.

(0:00:00) It’s a Beautiful Day — White Bird
(0:06:07) Your DJs Speak
(0:08:39) The Beach Boys — Help Me, Rhonda (mono backing track)
(0:11:31) The O’Jays — For the Love of Money
(0:15:16) We Five — You Were on My Mind
(0:17:51) The Lemonheads — Mrs. Robinson
(0:21:33) Your DJs and You
(0:23:53) Mandy Patinkin — Bein’ Green
(0:26:00) Death Cab for Cutie — A Lack of Color
(0:29:31) Les Paul and His Trio — Blue Skies
(0:32:06) Gordon Lightfoot — Black Day in July
(0:36:15) Your DJs Talk
(0:38:09) James Vincent McMorrow — Higher Love
(0:41:42) Passenger — Staring at the Stars
(0:45:12) Melinda Simon and Mark Fay — Ice Cream Truck #2
(0:46:15) English Chamber Orchestra conducted by Donald Fraser — The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in the style of Copland)
(0:51:16) India.Arie — I Am Light
(0:55:07) Your DJs Are Skeptical
(0:57:57) Bob and Ray — Matt Neffer: Matt and Todd find soap in the mailbox; Matt buys a loaf of bread
(1:01:44) The Cooltrane Quartet — Wonderwall
(1:05:51) The Persuasions with Mike Keneally — My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
(1:10:15) Drake — Worst Behaviour
(1:14:43) Alexander Courage, Wilbur Hatch — Vina’s Dance
(1:16:36) Willie Nelson feat. Norah Jones — Baby It’s Cold Outside
(1:20:35) Patty Loveless with Dolly Parton and Ricky Skaggs — Bluegrass, White Snow
(1:23:53) The Barr Brothers — Ooh, Belle
(1:27:45) Your DJs Wrap Up
(1:31:17) Raoul Kraushaar — Theme to The Abbott and Costello Show