Episode #260: We Always End Up in a Rut

This week’s program has an extra-long too-many-versions set, plus crooners, rappers, folkies, and Sinatras. Lots of lady singers because everyone loves ladies. Also covers and show tunes, TV music, movie music, and even a mashup.  There’s a lot in there. Cast your eyes on the playlist below, or you could maybe just trust us and download it anyway.

(0:00:00) Tiny Tim — Mr. Tim Laughs/She Laughs
(0:01:43) Your DJs Present Themselves
(0:07:29) The Sinatra Family — The 12 Days of Christmas
(0:11:54) Judy Garland — I Happen to Like New York
(0:14:49) Blossom Dearie — Soon It’s Gonna Rain
(0:17:21) Taylor Swift — Gorgeous
(0:20:48) Your DJs Look Backward and Then Forward
(0:26:18) Roberta Flack — Compared to What
(0:31:30) Les McCann and Eddie Harris — Compared to What
(0:40:30) Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express — Compared to What
(0:48:21) Ray Charles with Leela James — Compared to What
(0:52:02) Your DJs Go Over It Again
(0:55:09) Anaïs Delva — Libérée, Délivrée (French version of “Let It Go”)
(0:58:51) Sarah Vaughan — Get Back
(1:01:47) Bell Book and Candle — Rescue Me (Let Your Amazement Grow)
(1:05:50) Lizzo — Good as Hell
(1:08:25) Your DJs Speak About It
(1:13:10) Ian and Sylvia — Someday Soon (Live at Newport 1965)
(1:15:43) The White Stripes — The Hardest Button to Button
(1:19:40) Blondie vs. The Doors (Mashup by Go Home Productions) — Rapture Riders (Full version)
(1:25:21) Harry Styles — From the Dining Table
(1:28:49) Your DJs Finish the Program
(1:34:51) Hans Zimmer — Main Title Theme to The Crown