Episode #251: Re-creations for Your Recreation

If you bet against us reaching five years then you lost your money. We made it! We warned you. As compensation for your loss we present to you our fifth-anniversary program complete with an interesting gimmick and then another one (Gimmick 1 and Gimmick 2). Enough gimmicks and you end up with an extra-long program but we know most of you are fine with that because you told us so. Is this a new program or is it just an old one in clean clothing? Download it and see, uh, hear. In the meantime we’ll flip the calendar here and get ready for Year Six. See youse later.

(0:00:00) Your DJs Speak Out of Turn
(0:05:29) Leo Kottke — Little Martha
(0:08:06) Black Francis with Joey Santiago — The Cover of the Rolling Stone
(0:11:40) Colin James — Oh Well
(0:15:26) Dread Zeppelin — Black Mountain Side
(0:17:27) Your DJs Reminisce
(0:21:15) Shania Twain — Up! (live in Las Vegas, 2015)
(0:24:12) Tin Tin Out with Shelley Nelson — Here's Where the Story Ends
(0:28:14) Vanessa Peters — All That I Want
(0:31:22) Sarah Vaughan — Take the “A” Train
(0:34:02) Your DJs Are Living in the Past
(0:36:55) The Chordettes — Tall Paul
(0:38:27) Tracey Ullmann — Where the Boys Are
(0:40:53) Ritmos Latinos — A bailar calypso
(0:44:19) The Flying Guitar — Barabajagal
(0:47:01) Your DJs Conclude This Particular Gimmick
(0:52:40) Will Sexton and Simone Stevens — Come Josephine in My Flying Machine
(0:55:55) Your DJs Continue with Another Gimmick
(0:56:46) The Allman Brothers Band — Ramblin’ Man
(1:01:33) Dr Hook and The Medicine Show — Sylvia’s Mother
(1:05:17) Fleetwood Mac — The Chain (demo)
(1:10:42) Pickin’ on Led Zeppelin — Over the Hills and Far Away
(1:15:33) Your DJs Recap
(1:18:39) Shania Twain — Half Breed
(1:21:51) The Sundays — I Kicked a Boy
(1:24:47) The Weepies — Happiness
(1:28:14) Esquivel — Blue Christmas
(1:30:40) Your DJs Continue with One More Set
(1:33:03) Annette Funicello — Italianette
(1:35:37) Connie Francis — Vus Geven Is Geven
(1:38:54) Elli Medeiros — Toi mon toit
(1:42:31) Donovan — I Love My Shirt
(1:45:50) Your DJs Are Always Looking Ahead, Not Back
(1:50:57) Billy Murray and Ada Jones — Shine On, Harvest Moon