Episode #241: If You Push Something Hard Enough, It Will Fall Over

If you’ve been here before and have returned, welcome back! You’ll hear more of the stuff that you enjoyed, because we’re reliable that way. If you’ve never been here before, welcome! You’ll hear stuff that you'll enjoy, and that will bring you back again. Hope springs eternal. We’re not deep but we’re broad. And it’s our birthday! For some of us, at least. Will you please download it and listen, as a kind of birthday present to yourselves and to us?

(0:00:00) Orchestra — Overture to Annie (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (1977)
(0:03:19) Your DJs Start Another One
(0:11:52) Carolina Chocolate Drops — Kerr’s Negro Jig/Ruby, Are You Mad?
(0:16:45) Maria McKee — Precious Time
(0:20:22) Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio — As the Crow Flies
(0:23:57) Led Zeppelin — Communication Breakdown (Tasty Pop Sundae live version)
(0:27:09) Your DJs Appear
(0:31:08) Alison Krauss — Baby, Now That I’ve Found You
(0:34:55) Dar Williams — I Won’t Be Your Yoko Ono
(0:38:49) Thomas Hampson, Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, David Alpher — Gentle Annie
(0:42:15) Beirut — East Harlem
(0:45:31) Your DJs Chat
(0:48:43) The Firesign Theatre — Wall of Science (Part 2) (from I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus (1971))
(0:56:00) Fitz and The Tantrums — Rich Girls
(0:59:13) The Johnny Otis Show — Willie and the Hand Jive
(1:01:46) Kendrick Lamar — FEEL.
(1:05:22) Your DJs Again
(1:10:14) Fleetwood Mac — Never Going Back Again (instrumental)
(1:12:49) Led Zeppelin — Ramble On
(1:17:11) Shelley Berman, Jerry Stiller, Lovelady Powell, Anne Meara — Ooby Dooby Ooby Doo
(1:18:27) Roy Orbison — Ooby Dooby
(1:20:37) Lovage — Book of the Month
(1:25:06) Your DJs Wrap Up Another Fine Program Which You Liked
(1:32:19) Henry Vars, By Dunham — Theme to Flipper