Episode #234: You Don’t Have to Be a Mia or Sophia

Standards, covers, stories, commercials. Folk, rap, old pop, new pop. Dance, animals, obscurities, walla walla bing bang. Words fail us, obviously. But you’ll get all that and more if you download this episode. We hope you’ll do that. Hope is everything. Hope will keep us together. Whatever.

(0:00:00) The Jethros — Love Will Keep Us Together
(0:03:42) Your DJs Return
(0:11:02) Irving Kaufman — Yes Sir, That’s My Baby
(0:13:42) Barbara Long — When You’re Smiling
(0:16:48) Blossom Dearie — Someone to Watch Over Me
(0:22:46) Kristin Chenoweth — Heart of the Matter
(0:28:14) Your DJs Review
(0:32:17) Guy Klucevsek (David Garland, vocal) — The Blob
(0:35:24) Clarence Reid — Chicken Hawk
(0:38:50) David Seville (Ross Bagdasarian) — Witch Doctor
(0:41:10) Kendrick Lamar — DUCKWORTH.
(0:45:15) Your DJs Describe the Set
(0:50:18) Jad Fair and David Fair — Automatic Bird Feeder
(0:54:19) The Sea The Sea — Fists Full of Flowers
(0:57:01) Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella — Your Best (acoustic version)
(0:59:33) Harry Styles — Carolina
(1:02:41) Your DJs Again
(1:05:48) Ken-L Ration Dog and Puppy Food — My Dog’s Better Than Your Dog (commercial)
(1:06:46) Coralie Clément — Samba de mon cœur qui bat
(1:10:39) GZA — Investigative Reports (instrumental)
(1:15:06) The Gentrys — Keep on Dancing
(1:17:16) Paul Revere and The Raiders — I Had a Dream
(1:19:37) The Monkees — Porpoise Song (instrumental mix)
(1:23:57) The Avalanches feat. Camp Lo — Because I’m Me
(1:28:10) Your DJs Finish
(1:36:12) The Will-O-Bees (Howard Greenfield and Helen Miller, composers) — Theme to The Ugliest Girl in Town