Episode #216: A Product That Nobody Wants

March sneaks in and drops an episode with the usual interstitial chat and with music from most decades between the 1950s and the present, but not all of them. Can you find the one we missed? Did we do it on purpose? Will you please download and listen anyway?

(0:00:00) David Douglass, Paul O’Dette, Andrew Lawrence-King (John Playford, composer) — The Bear's Dance
(0:04:23) Your DJs Return
(0:08:14) Janis Ian — Janey's Blues
(0:13:06) The Black Keys — Dearest
(0:15:08) Kate and Anna McGarrigle feat. Martha Wainwright and Lily Lanken — The Rebel Jesus
(0:19:17) Madonna — Like a Virgin Waltz (live)
(0:24:43) Your DJs Report
(0:30:43) Meredith and Rini Willson — Rock Island/Ya Got Trouble
(0:35:59) The O'Jays — Love Train
(0:39:27) Eric Burdon and The Animals — Sky Pilot (long version)
(0:46:50) Jens Lekman — What's That Perfume That You Wear?
(0:50:20) Your DJs Relate
(0:53:12) Mark O’Connor — Ashokan Farewell
(0:57:15) The 1975 — Sorry (originally by Justin Bieber)
(1:00:53) Bob and Ray — Farley Hubler, 42-year-old Industrialist: Failure in 1968
(1:03:26) Jackson Browne — Lawyers in Love
(1:07:45) Your DJs Speak
(1:12:14) Odetta — Strawberry Fields Forever
(1:15:40) A Tribe Called Quest — The Space Program
(1:21:32) Mary McCaslin and Jim Ringer — Hit the Road, Jack
(1:23:40) Taylor Swift — Mean
(1:27:36) Cathy Fink and Duck Donald — Make Him a Soldier
(1:30:00) Lionel Richie and Willie Nelson — Easy
(1:34:29) Your DJs Conclude
(1:39:21) Mason Williams, Nancy Ames — Theme to The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour