Episode #213: We Knock You Down So We Can Lift You Up Again

For the fifth time your co-hosts have assembled a collection of “sad songs”: appallingly dolorous, soul-destroying, suicide-inducing songs designed to make you stronger. WE’RE KIDDING! They’re not THAT bad or even that sad, and some of you even like this annual offering. And the rest of you are still our friends anyway. And we always end with a day-brightener to make up for any doldrums. So please download and listen, and Happy Galentine’s Day.

(0:00:00) National Philharmonic Orchestra (Georg Friedrich Handel, composer) — Sarabande (Main Title) (from Barry Lyndon (1975))
(0:02:39) Your DJs Reveal the Theme
(0:09:01) Alison Krauss, Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O’Connor — Slumber, My Darling
(0:13:50) Tori Amos — Winter
(0:19:31) Richard Thompson — Beeswing
(0:25:10) Beck — Lost Cause
(0:28:58) Your DJs Discuss
(0:35:20) Alfred Deller, Desmond Dupré — Wayfaring Stranger
(0:39:32) Dusty Springfield — Poor Wayfaring Stranger (Live)
(0:42:59) Emmylou Harris — Wayfaring Stranger
(0:46:25) Bill Monroe — Wayfaring Stranger
(0:50:53) Your DJs Are Sad
(0:54:00) John Prine — Sam Stone
(0:58:38) The Notorious B.I.G. — Suicidal Thoughts
(1:01:28) Adam Cohen — Fall Apart
(1:05:24) Aretha Franklin — One Step Ahead
(1:07:58) Your DJs Are Still Sad
(1:10:11) Cher — If I Could Turn Back Time
(1:14:11) Wilco — Hate It Here
(1:19:24) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Kitty, Come Home
(1:23:55) Nina Simone — Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
(1:26:39) Your DJs Are Still Sad But Not for Much Longer
(1:29:31) Frank Sinatra — My Funny Valentine
(1:32:01) Billie Holiday — Strange Fruit (Live)
(1:34:51) Johnny Hartman — It Never Entered My Mind
(1:38:28) Travis — Paperclips
(1:42:02) Your DJs Recover in Time to Cheer You Up
(1:45:43) Don Robertson — The Happy Whistler