Episode #204: People Come from Miles Around Just to Hear Us Play

This week, like every other week, we present a grab bag: “a container from which a person chooses a wrapped item at random, without knowing the contents”. We speak metaphorically but only on occasion. You may have heard some of this before but we doubt you’ve heard it all. (We hadn’t. Not both of us.) But we know we’re speaking either to the already-converted (hello, listeners!) or to the already-disinterested (you’re still here?), so, ‘nuff said, except: please download and join us.

(0:00:00) Dinah Shore, Tony Martin, Phil Harris, Betty Hutton, Henri René and His Orchestra — The Musicians
(0:02:30) Your DJs Arrive
(0:09:23) Mary Hopkin — Silver Birch and Weeping Willow
(0:12:11) Rilo Kiley — Breakin’ Up
(0:15:49) The Mamas and The Papas — Twelve-Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon)
(0:19:12) Phosphorescent, Jenny Lewis and Friends — Sugaree
(0:24:12) Your DJs Recap
(0:29:22) Joe Caverlee, Cody Kirby, Darrin Vincent — Carol of the Bells
(0:31:26) Leona Naess — Christmas
(0:35:21) Negativland — Perfect Scrambled Eggs
(0:38:04) Wolf Parade — This Heart’s on Fire
(0:42:01) Your DJs Speak
(0:46:04) Rod McKuen — Advice to Folk Singers
(0:48:16) Tom Rush — Child’s Song
(0:52:24) Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt — Pleasant as May
(0:55:00) Lennon and Maisy Stella — Call Your Girlfriend (Live)
(0:56:48) Your DJs Talk
(1:00:29) Sandy Posey — I Take It Back
(1:02:53) A Band of Bees — I Love You
(1:07:52) Les Sultans — À toi que je pense (Come a Little Bit Closer)
(1:10:10) A Tribe Called Quest — We the People…
(1:13:04) Your DJs Talk Again
(1:15:10) Happy Schnapps Combo — No, I Don’t Wanna Do Dat
(1:18:27) Brian Eno and David Byrne — Strange Overtones
(1:22:44) The Monkees — When Love Comes Knockin’ at Your Door
(1:24:30) Wilco — Locator
(1:26:48) Your DJs Speak Once More Before Leaving
(1:30:39) Elmer Bernstein — Theme to the National Geographic TV Specials