Episode #2: Black Friday

On the day after Thanksgiving (in our family a day for haircuts) we present another episode of "Full Duplex", recorded and edited—yes, we needed to edit —and posted in only about two hours, which shows that we're starting to get the hang of this, but only just.

We present music by artists of many colors, most of those colors being black.

We're making it up as we go along, which is how all the best radio programs are done. And many other radio programs.

So far we've only played things that at least one of us likes (usually both) but we make no guarantees.

  1. Bob Dylan — Buckets of Rain
  2. The Handsome Family — Famous Blue Raincoat
  3. Bob and Ray — Salute Honor City, name missing
  4. Barbra Streisand — Miss Marmelstein
  5. Quincy Jones — Soul Bossa Nova
  6. Barbara Lewis — Baby, I’m Yours
  7. Ann-Margret — I Just Don’t Understand
  8. Chaka Khan — Diamonds Are Forever
  9. The Walter Gruener Kappelle — Brienzer Biirli
  10. Julie London — I’d Like You for Christmas
  11. Richard Thompson — Oops, I Did It Again
  12. Nina Gordon — Straight Outta Compton
  13. J. Arel — Dreamy Party (from "The Prisoner")
  14. Angelo Badalamenti — Audrey’s Dance (from "Twin Peaks") (abridged)