Episode #121: A Five-Letter Word for South American Anteater

We stumble into May with music, some of which you might not have heard before: eerie children’s music, movie and TV music, covers, sad acoustic music, Duke, and Wu-Tang. Plus music from Nashville, Coca-Freaking-Cola, Bob and Ray, some guy from New Jersey, guitars and soul and hip-hop. And of course more. It’s a lot to take in, but we’ve brought it to your door so you only have to carry it inside and it’s yours. Please download it and join our happy little crew of merry-makers.

(0:00:00) Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra — Little Red Monkey
(0:02:17) Your DJs Speak
(0:10:25) Kirsty MacColl — In These Shoes?
(0:14:04) Prince and The Revolution — Under the Cherry Moon
(0:17:02) The Mariachi Brass feat. Chet Baker — Tequila
(0:19:09) The MGs — Jamaica, This Morning
(0:22:15) Your DJs Speak
(0:28:58) Duke Ellington — The Mooche (1928 version)
(0:32:31) Wu-Tang Clan — C.R.E.A.M.
(0:36:57) Martha Wainwright — Dans le silence (from Trauma)
(0:40:18) The Charmels — As Long As I’ve Got You
(0:42:57) Your DJs Speak Again
(0:48:52) Vanilla Fudge — 20,000 Eyes Upon You (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:49:53) Mary McCaslin — My World Is Empty Without You Babe
(0:53:10) Josh Ritter — Wait for Love
(0:56:53) Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen — Fade Into You (from Nashville)
(1:00:32) Snow Patrol — Chasing Cars (Live Acoustic Version)
(1:05:02) Your DJs Speak
(1:12:22) Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart — Wake Up, Girl, Stop and Look Around (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:13:23) Bob and Ray — The Gathering Dusk: Squirrels in the Attic
(1:16:48) Frank Sinatra — The Sea Song
(1:20:13) The Shadows — Riders in the Sky
(1:23:51) Big Boi feat. Kid Cudi — She Hates Me
(1:27:41) Your DJs Conclude
(1:33:19) Gerald Fried, Sherwood Schwartz — Theme to It’s About Time (second version)