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Episode #177: Apple Trees and Honey Bees and Snow-White Turtle Doves

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

Better late than never. That’s what we say whenever we’re late, and we’re sure you agree. Consider the alternative. Luckily, instead of no program at all, we’ll tell you what you really really want: you want to hear a long-overdue happy song plus brand new hits, technological marvels, country, Coke, a visit to the supermarket, covers, soul, and even more. We give you the answer that you endorse. We’re always on a steady course. Download it before the weekend gets away from you. You’re welcome.

(0:00:00) The London Double Bass Sound — Wannabe
(0:02:55) Your DJs Return
(0:11:57) The New Seekers — I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)
(0:14:18) The Rolling Stones — I’m Free
(0:16:44) The Monkees — You Bring the Summer
(0:19:44) One Direction — Up All Night
(0:22:56) Your DJs Intrude
(0:29:15) The Valentines — When You’re Having Fun Together (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:30:14) Rex Allen, Rhoda Williams, Mel Blanc, Clarence Nash — The Carousel of Progress, Part 2: The Turn of the Century
(0:34:08) Beyoncé — Hold Up
(0:38:06) Bob Dylan — Young at Heart
(0:41:01) Ryan Adams — I Know Places
(0:46:12) Your DJs Ramble
(0:51:12) Bob and Ray — Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder: At the Supermarket
(0:54:36) The Stylistics — Break Up to Make Up
(0:58:33) The Coasters — Shoppin’ for Clothes
(1:01:30) Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott — Daydreamin’
(1:05:24) Your DJs Discuss
(1:08:35) Billy Joe Royal — I’m Gonna Sing My Song (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:09:33) Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen — If I Didn’t Know Better
(1:12:30) Sturgill Simpson — Welcome to Earth (Pollywog)
(1:17:40) Vanessa Paradis — Walk on the Wild Side
(1:22:01) Rachael Yamagata — I’ll Find a Way
(1:27:14) Your DJs Wrap Up
(1:36:14) Jay Livingston (Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, composers) — Theme to Mr. Ed

Episode #176: Other Fancy Stuff

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

There’s a great big beautiful podcast shining at the end of every week. Maybe it’s this one. Thrill to odd covers, pop hits, teen idols, soft drinks, game shows, and more, with Walt Disney’s optimism infusing it all. Please yourselves.

(0:00:00) Rex Allen — The Carousel of Progress, Part 1: Intro
(0:04:02) Your DJs Speak
(0:11:28) Gerry and the Pacemakers — How Do You Do It?
(0:13:22) Pink Martini and Saori Yuki — Puff, the Magic Dragon
(0:17:10) Mary Travers — The Song Is Love
(0:20:09) Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders — Game of Love
(0:22:15) Your DJs Speak
(0:27:45) Bobby Curtola — Things Go Better with Coke (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:28:42) Camera Obscura — Break It to You Gently
(0:32:28) Will Young — Hey Ya! (originally by OutKast)
(0:37:47) The Everly Brothers — Gone, Gone, Gone
(0:39:50) Beyoncé — Sorry
(0:43:40) Your DJs Speak
(0:49:50) Bob and Ray — Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder: Matt’s in a State of Upset
(0:53:43) Mad Lads — I Want a Girl
(0:56:27) The Birds — La poupée qui fait non
(1:00:03) Gang Starr — Take Two and Pass
(1:03:19) Your DJs Speak
(1:08:45) Sonny James — Apache
(1:11:33) Wilco — The Jolly Banker
(1:15:25) She and Him — God Only Knows
(1:18:06) Ray LaMontagne — Part One: Homecoming
(1:26:36) Your DJs Finish
(1:31:28) Robert Israel — Theme to The Match Game (1973 version)

Episode #175: We’ll Wear Our Pink Party Hats

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

And we’ll play some Scrabble with the guys, and we’ll listen to some chatter and some music, old and new. Just another brash display of idiosyncrasy in this week’s episode, so like and yet so unlike all the other episodes. Download automatically and listen at your leisure. It’s leisure-time listening.

(0:00:00) The Barrow Poets — The Pheasant Plucker’s Song
(0:03:09) Your DJs Say Hello
(0:10:24) The Monkees — She Makes Me Laugh
(0:13:24) OutKast — SpottieOttieDopaliscious
(0:20:31) The Moody Blues — Your Wildest Dreams
(0:25:22) Beyoncé — All Night
(0:30:43) Your DJs Chat
(0:35:40) Thompson Twins — Coke Is It! (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:36:43) Christopher and Michael — Wir sind am Ende (Eve of Destruction)
(0:39:59) Sondre Lerche — Pioneer
(0:42:23) Robert Plant and Alison Krauss — Gone, Gone, Gone
(0:45:55) Ellen McIlwaine — Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (But Nobody Wants to Die)
(0:48:21) Your DJs Continue
(0:54:04) Bob and Ray — Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder: Matt’s First Editions
(0:57:22) Badly Drawn Boy — The Shining
(1:03:00) Jewels and Binoculars — Visions of Johanna
(1:08:01) Bud Powell — Comin’ Up (alternate take)
(1:13:28) Your DJs Speak
(1:19:13) Phil Leeds — Would You Believe It?
(1:21:11) Connie Francis — My Yiddishe Momme
(1:25:22) Kenneth Nelson, Rita Gardner — Soon It’s Gonna Rain (from The Fantasticks (1960))
(1:29:59) Thompson Twins — Lies
(1:33:11) Your DJs Finish Up
(1:37:22) Paul Leonard-Morgan — Theme to Limitless

Episode #174: A Cookie with Marshmallow on It

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

We start this week with a little tribute to Mr. Prince and then move onto unusual covers, forgotten hits, remembered hits, current hits, beat poetry, the songs of our youth and yours, and more like that, plus a little chit-chat. It might be raining out there but we’re warm and dry in here. Come along.

(0:00:00) Bruce Springsteen — Purple Rain (Live in Brooklyn 2016-04-23)
(0:06:09) Your DJs Arrive
(0:11:18) Sheila E. — The Glamorous Life (single version)
(0:15:01) Cyndi Lauper — When You Were Mine
(0:20:00) Wiener Sängerknaben — Nothing Compares to You
(0:24:07) Prince and The Revolution — Let’s Go Crazy
(0:28:47) Your DJs Discuss
(0:32:45) Kool and The Gang — Coke Radio (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:33:45) Sandy Posey — Single Girl
(0:36:16) Beyoncé — Daddy Lessons
(0:41:19) Carole King — Raspberry Jam
(0:45:53) Taylor Swift — I Know Places
(0:49:08) Your DJs Speak
(0:52:39) Bob and Ray — Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder: Mysterious Phone Calls and Letters
(0:56:17) The Zombies — Kind of Girl
(0:58:24) Eartha Kitt — Hurdy Gurdy Man
(1:00:59) Rod McKuen — No Postcards, Please
(1:05:03) Your DJs Speak Again
(1:08:14) John Prine — How Lucky
(1:11:51) Eels — Fresh Blood
(1:16:37) Bobby Goldsboro — Little Things
(1:19:02) Kurtis Blow — The Breaks, Part 1
(1:23:10) Eartha Kitt — Wear Your Love Like Heaven
(1:26:16) Stevie Nicks — Stand Back
(1:31:04) Your DJs Conclude
(1:36:41) Earle Hagen — Theme to The Mod Squad