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Episode #39: We Had ‘Em Last Night and the Night Before

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

This week's show is sandwiched by TV themes (again?) and includes sets about food (why?), covers and pre-covers (what?), Moondog with Julie Andrews (say what?), Steve and Eydie (really), Ernie Kovacs (sort of), Thurl (great!), the Marx Brothers, Dino, Carole, Hoagy, rude hip-hop, Zeppelin, The Monkees, The Prisoner, some great instrumental music by The Three Suns, that guy with the blue eyes, and that covers everything so we don't have to say "and more".

We know these shows are good because we like listening to them ourselves. Please dive in, and please tell someone else about it.

  1. Edwin Astley — Danger Man (One Hour): Teaser and Main Titles (from Danger Man)
  2. Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé — This Could Be the Start of Something Big
  3. Frank Sinatra — The Coffee Song
  4. The Three Suns — Moritat (Mack the Knife)
  5. Dean Martin — Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu)
  6. Thurl Ravenscroft and Roberta Lee — Wing Ding Ding
  7. Jack Johnson — Banana Pancakes
  8. Bo Carter — Beans
  9. Hasil Adkins — No More Hot Dogs
  10. Moondog with Julie Andrews and Martyn Green — Favourite Nursery Rhymes
  11. Carole King — Really Rosie
  12. Yo La Tengo — Downtown
  13. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts — Everyday People
  14. Tony DeSimone Trio — Oriental Blues (Ernie's Tune) (from The Ernie Kovacs Show)
  15. The Marx Brothers — Lydia, the Tattooed Lady (from At the Circus (1939))
  16. Hoagy Carmichael — Hong Kong Blues
  17. N. Nardini — You Have Just Been Poisoned/Poisoned Beer (The Whistler) (from The Prisoner)
  18. The Monkees — Valleri
  19. Led Zeppelin — Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
  20. Evie Sands — I Can't Let Go
  21. FannyPack — Cameltoe
  22. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera — The Atom Ant Show (Theme)

Episode #38: We Don’t Want You, But We Need You

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

This week we start with Monteverdi and the McGarrigles and move on to Hawaii and to the Pirates of the Caribbean. We have songs about hygiene and pie and grooving, we have movie music from Harry Nilsson, we discuss bread, we have powerfully great piano playing by our friend Mike Jones, there's a Beatles cover by those people we like, we have the Mamas and the Papas, and there's even something in there about a kangaroo. Plus still more.

Should we have let our playlist speak for itself? No matter. Here it is. We hope you'll listen. Tell that guy next to you how much you're liking it.

  1. Emma Kirkby and Anthony Rooley — Maledetto sia l'aspetto (from Monteverdi's Scherzi Musicali)
  2. Kate and Anna McGarrigle — My Johnny's Gone to Hilo (Live at Convocation Hall, Toronto, 1982)
  3. Hawaii Calls Orchestra and Chorus — Aloha 'Oe
  4. "King" Bennie Nawahi — Hawaiian Melody
  5. Pavement — Blue Hawaiian
  6. The Mellomen — The "Yo Ho" Mega Mix (from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride)
  7. Lovage — Herbs, Good Hygiene, and Socks
  8. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore — Bo Dudley
  9. Led Zeppelin — Custard Pie
  10. Harry Nilsson — Daybreak (from Son of Dracula (1974))
  11. Barry Manilow — Daybreak
  12. Todd Rundgren — You Cried Wolf
  13. Bread — Baby I'm-A Want You
  14. Mike Jones Trio — I'm Walkin'
  15. Wilco — Walken
  16. She and Him — You Really Got a Hold on Me
  17. The Mamas and the Papas — Dream a Little Dream of Me
  18. Eric Jupp — Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo (TV Theme)

Episode #37: Pick ‘Em Up and Put ‘Em Away

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

This week our oldest selection is from 1908 and our newest is from 2013. That doesn't mean we have 105 years of music but we wanted to point it out anyway. We do have folk and "indie" and pop and hip-hop and jazz and country and lovely voices and TV music, and Perry Como, and we teach your kids to put their toys away.

We've done our part. Your part is to listen.

  1. Ada Jones and Billy Murray — Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine
  2. Louise Forestier — Les Montréalais
  3. Cat Power — New York
  4. Regina Spektor — Music Box
  5. Kid Sister — Right Hand Hi
  6. Emmylou Harris with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt — Mr. Sandman
  7. The Mae Shi — Run to Your Grave
  8. Van Morrison — Dum Dum George
  9. Guided by Voices — Chicken Blows
  10. Sylvia and Murray Winant — Toy-Time
  11. Cabbage Patch Kids — Cabbage Patch Kids Theme
  12. Perry Como — Magic Moments
  13. Zoot Sims — Blinuet
  14. Gerald Fried — Shore Leave: 2nd Ruth (Ruth) (from Star Trek)
  15. OutKast — B.O.B.
  16. Alma Cogan — Never Do a Tango with an Eskimo
  17. Grouplove — Tongue Tied
  18. Clare Bowen and Chris Carmack — You Ain't Dolly (from Nashville)
  19. George Jones — White Lightning
  20. Barry Gray (voice artist: Peter Dyneley) — Thunderbirds Opening Titles (from Thunderbirds)

Episode #36: If Your Plane Hits a Mountain, You’ll Die Too

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

We start September with a mannered-jazz set and move onto pop classics including Beatles covers and a song by an actual Beatle (but nothing by "THE" actual Beatles). You'll also find classic LP album comedy, Irving Berlin, some hip and some hop, music by a friend of ours (expect more of that sort of thing), and a little more.

The pool's still open! But not for much longer.

  1. Peppa Pig — Birdy Birdy Woof Woof
  2. Henry Mancini — Baby Elephant Walk (from Hatari! (1962))
  3. Ernestine Anderson — See See Rider
  4. Blossom Dearie — The Continental
  5. Sarah Vaughan — Honeysuckle Rose
  6. Bob Newhart — Nobody Will Ever Play Baseball
  7. The Watson Twins — Just Like Heaven
  8. Ringo Starr — It Don't Come Easy
  9. The Five Americans — Western Union
  10. Ruth Etting — Shakin' the Blues Away
  11. The Tempos — See You in September
  12. Wally Cox with Bernard Green's Orchestra — There Is a Tavern in the Town
  13. Dead Prez — It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop
  14. Steven Banks — Rock 'n' Roll R.I.P.
  15. Elvis Presley — In the Ghetto
  16. The Seekers — I'll Never Find Another You
  17. Doug Sahm — (Is Anybody Going to) San Antone
  18. Petula Clark — Tu perds ton temps (Please Please Me)
  19. Ben Folds — Golden Slumbers
  20. John Williams — Jaws Theme (from Jaws (1975))