Episode #347: A Hundred Million Moths

September 21, 2019

Another weekend, another gift from two people (us) to a few dozen other people (you). Will all our friends have fun at play? We hope they will. We had fun making it, so it’s a win for us no matter what.

(0:00:00) Roch Carrier — The Sweater
(0:10:18) Your DJs Speak Hello
(0:14:09) Ray Noble and His Orchestra — Oh, You Nasty Man
(0:17:14) Taylor Swift — London Boy
(0:20:22) The Smothers Brothers — Hangman
(0:21:45) Frances Black — Fear Is the Enemy
(0:25:46) Lana Del Rey — Norman Fucking Rockwell
(0:29:53) Your DJs Speak to Each Other
(0:35:00) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: The World's Longest, Narrowest House
(0:38:06) Led Zeppelin — Fool in the Rain
(0:44:46) Sunflower Bean — Somebody Call a Doctor
(0:48:34) Digital Underground — Doowutchyalike
(0:57:27) Your DJs Speak to You
(0:59:38) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Tattoo
(1:03:37) Peter and Gordon — You've Got Your Troubles
(1:07:26) The O.K. Chorale (and Guest Aardvarks) — Thus Quacked Zarathustra
(1:08:06) Ringo Starr — Hey, Would You Hold it Down?
(1:10:52) Bon Iver — Hey, Ma
(1:14:27) Your DJs Speak the Truth
(1:15:55) Mazzy Star — Into Dust
(1:21:27) Matt Pond PA — Winterlong
(1:24:42) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Mankind
(1:25:13) Ennio Morricone — Per qualche dollaro in più (For a Few Dollars More)
(1:28:01) Otis Redding — Stand by Me
(1:30:51) Your DJs Speak No More Until Next Time
(1:34:03) Jerry Goldsmith — Theme to Room 222

Episode #346: The Subscription Price Is Soon Forgotten

September 14, 2019

Deep in September it’s nice to have a couple of reliable old podcasters to count on. Look no farther. You know what to expect from us. Here you can relax and be yourselves. We can’t see you anyway. Dig in and down.

(0:00:00) David Douglass, Paul O'Dette, Andrew Lawrence-King — Hunsdon House/Sir Martin Marah's Jigg
(0:03:57) Your DJs Arrive
(0:07:52) Wham! — Freedom
(0:12:53) Kenny Loggins — This Is It
(0:16:50) Genghis Barbie — Take on Me
(0:20:14) Dusty Springfield — Tupelo Honey
(0:24:15) Your DJs Are Fine
(0:27:41) Phil Spitalny's Music — To All Parents: An Important Message (Ad for Junior Home Magazine)
(0:29:06) Harry Belafonte — Matilda
(0:32:18) Vanilla Fudge — Ramble On
(0:36:44) Doc Watson — Doc's Guitar
(0:38:00) Old and in the Way — Old and in the Way
(0:41:04) Keith Urban — Lover
(0:44:37) Your DJs Are Still Okay
(0:48:48) David Seville and The Chipmunks — Alvin's Harmonica (Half-Speed)
(0:54:11) Renato Carosone — Tu vuò fà l'americano
(0:57:39) The Rokes — Grazie a Te (I'm Alive)
(1:00:02) Ronnie Spector — You've Got Your Troubles
(1:03:24) Your DJs Are Doing Well
(1:08:09) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Everybody's Doing It
(1:10:46) Gwen Verdon, Jerry Orbach — We Both Reached for the Gun (from Chicago: A Musical Vaudeville (1975) (Original Broadway Cast Recording))
(1:14:27) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Flying Back Through Time
(1:14:50) Grace Slick — White Rabbit (isolated vocal)
(1:16:51) The Magnetic Fields — It's a Crime
(1:20:44) Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé with The Fordtones — Boring Song
(1:22:12) Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs — Foggy Mountain Breakdown
(1:24:50) Lee Michaels — Stormy Monday
(1:30:00) Your DJs Are Off for Another Week but Will Be Back
(1:35:51) Leon Klatzkin — The Superman March (Theme to The Adventures of Superman)

Episode #345: More Exciting in Double Time

September 7, 2019

This week you’ll hear more curated September excellence from your co-hosts who are still making it up as they go along. Our mission is still the same: play music for each other and let other people listen in. You are the other people! But you’re OUR other people. Drop in.

(0:00:00) Nancy Kerr and James Fagan — Reel du pendu (Hangman’s Reel)
(0:02:33) Your DJs Face the Music Together
(0:09:28) Princess Chelsea — The Cigarette Duet
(0:13:46) Taylor Swift — I Forgot That You Existed
(0:16:36) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — At the Movies
(0:17:55) Honey Hahs — I Know You Know
(0:20:04) Sara Bareilles — Cassiopeia
(0:23:34) Your DJs Speak
(0:30:32) Rutherford and Foster — There's More Pretty Girls Than One
(0:33:12) Woody Guthrie — More Pretty Girls Than One
(0:35:30) Tom Rush — More Pretty Girls
(0:37:14) Doc Watson — There's More Pretty Girls Than One
(0:40:07) Edsel Martin — More Pretty Girls Than One
(0:42:01) Your DJs Speak
(0:44:32) Liberace — Tico-Tico
(0:47:44) Led Zeppelin — Going to California ("In Concert" Live Version)
(0:51:39) Rudi Ekstein (Pickin’ on Led Zeppelin) — The Battle of Evermore
(0:56:08) Donny Hathaway — Jealous Guy
(1:01:09) Your DJs Talk
(1:03:50) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Goin' Back to Harlan (Sendesaal Radio, Bremen, Germany, 2005)
(1:09:51) Van Morrison — Tupelo Honey
(1:16:45) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: If I Was a Doctor Operating on a Patient...
(1:17:25) Bob Crewe Generation — Music to Watch Girls By
(1:20:18) The Rolling Stones — Claudine
(1:24:00) Your DJs Finish Contentedly
(1:29:13) Billy Goldenberg — Themes to Rhoda (Seasons 1-4)

Episode #344: There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Podcast

August 31, 2019

Raise a fuss, raise a holler, scream at the top of your lungs: summer is ending! We can’t stop it but we can at least end it with another fine blob of music and chat from your co-hosts of many years. Hey, over here! We’re looking right at you. Thanks for dropping by and listening. And be happy that the excellent month of September is starting. Something good is sure to happen.

(0:00:00) Joni Mitchell and James Taylor — The Circle Game (live in London, 1970)
(0:08:54) Your DJs Have Good Things for You Today
(0:11:22) Whispering Jack Smith — Clap Yo' Hands (from Oh, Kay! (1926))
(0:13:58) Donna Summer — Last Dance
(0:18:59) Pickin' On Project — Whole Lotta Love
(0:23:50) Digable Planets feat. Monica Payne and Sulaiman — For Corners
(0:30:50) Your DJs Recap and Prep You for the TMV
(0:35:23) The Beefeaters — It Won't Be Wrong (Don't Be Long)
(0:37:22) The Byrds — It Won't Be Wrong
(0:39:19) David McCallum — It Won't Be Wrong
(0:41:22) Jakob Dylan feat. Fiona Apple — It Won't Be Wrong
(0:43:20) Your DJs Enjoyed That but Now on to the Next Set
(0:46:25) Dinah Shore with Albert Slack and His Orchestra — A Sleigh Ride in July
(0:49:15) Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Leslie Odom Jr., Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton — The Schuyler Sisters (from Hamilton: An American Musical (2015))
(0:52:22) Eddie Cochran — Summertime Blues
(0:54:18) Betty Everett — You're No Good
(0:56:36) Your DJs Talk About It
(0:59:26) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Thank You Very Much
(1:01:57) Blur — Beetlebum
(1:07:01) Mose Allison — Young Man's Blues
(1:08:25) Booker T. and The M.G.’s — Green Onions
(1:11:18) Katie Love — How Can You Mistreat the One You Love
(1:14:00) Your DJs Explain
(1:15:34) Jonathan Coulton — Over There
(1:19:08) Karen Dalton — I Love You More Than Words Can Say
(1:22:37) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: The Crows Seemed to Be Calling His Name
(1:22:55) Uncle Dave Macon — Uncle Dave's Beloved Solo
(1:25:58) Spoon — Don't You Evah
(1:29:36) Your DJs Know What’s What and Will Be Back Soon
(1:33:21) Laurence Rosenthal — Theme to Fantasy Island

Episode #343: A Final Rendezvous with Destiny and with Death

August 24, 2019

It’s an animal episode this week! There are rodents, horses, cats, and…well, that’s all, but that’s still a fine helping of animals, don’t you think? Plus you can hear show tunes, music from your childhood, new pop, children’s voices, the latest from Ms. T., and even more. Jump in the line, rock your body in time.

(0:00:00) Taylor Swift — Lover
(0:03:39) Your DJs Tell You That’s It’s Finally Here!
(0:10:27) Cyndi Lauper — The Faraway Nearby
(0:13:26) Culture Club — I'll Tumble 4 Ya
(0:16:01) The Bangles — If She Knew What She Wants
(0:19:49) Loverboy — Working for the Weekend
(0:23:29) Your DJs Explain That Childhood Set
(0:25:20) Disney (narrator: Winston Hibler) — Lemmings (from White Wilderness (1958))
(0:37:45) Phil Harris — Thomas O'Malley Cat (from The Aristocats (1970))
(0:40:19) Dylan Thomas — Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
(0:41:53) Julie Andrews — Just You Wait (from My Fair Lady (1956) (Original Broadway Cast Recording))
(0:44:35) Chance the Rapper feat. Megan Thee Stallion and Pink Sweat$ — Handsome
(0:47:29) Your DJs Discuss Animals
(0:52:59) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — RCA Window Washer
(0:56:17) Bon Iver — iMi
(0:59:57) Gam Gam and Piccolo coro dell'Antoniano — Clap Clap (The Clapping Song)
(1:04:54) Black Star — Respiration
(1:11:00) Your DJs Did a Nice Set There
(1:14:28) Princess Chelsea — I Love My Boyfriend
(1:18:33) Maggie Rogers — Back in My Body
(1:22:42) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: A Good Novel
(1:23:18) Sylvan Esso — The Glow
(1:26:17) Amos Lee — Windows Are Rolled Down (live)
(1:30:32) Your DJs Are Proud of Their Work Today
(1:33:48) Bill Conti — Theme to Cagney and Lacey

Episode #342: That’s Just His Arm

August 17, 2019

We deliver music and chat from the tri-state area directly to your home for only pennies a day. Subscribe now and save even more and get even more swag, at least in your dreams. It’s good stuff.

(0:00:00) The English Concert, Trevor Pinnock — Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 Mandolins and Strings in G major, RV 532: I. Allegro
(0:03:59) Your DJs Wish You a Good Sunday Morning
(0:08:26) The Ohio University Leading Tones — Brick
(0:12:26) Guided by Voices — Teenage FBI
(0:15:21) The Free Design — 2002: A Hit Song
(0:18:00) Chance the Rapper feat. Ben Gibbard — Do You Remember?
(0:21:56) Your DJs Speak
(0:25:22) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — My Man
(0:28:34) Thelonious Monk (vocal: Kenny Hagood) — I Should Care
(0:31:34) William Bolcom — Clap Yo' Hands
(0:32:20) Eartha Kitt — Under the Bridges of Paris
(0:35:00) Muddy Waters — Rollin' Stone
(0:38:07) Your DJs Speak
(0:41:57) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Nichols and May Interview
(0:51:53) Dave Matthews — Take Me to Tomorrow
(0:55:19) Florence + The Machine — Not Fade Away
(0:59:19) One Direction — Torn (Natalie Imbruglia cover)
(1:02:19) Your DJs Speak
(1:04:36) The Caravelles — You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry
(1:06:35) Betty Everett — The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)
(1:08:46) Shirley Ellis — The Clapping Song (Clap Pat Clap Slap)
(1:11:56) Jeanne and The Darlings — How Can You Mistreat the One You Love
(1:14:38) Your DJs Speak
(1:17:42) The Rooftop Singers — It Don't Mean a Thing
(1:20:13) Andy Williams — Music to Watch Girls By
(1:22:48) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Love
(1:23:12) Imperial Records — Radio Commercial for Jackie DeShannon album “Put a Little Love in Your Heart"
(1:24:15) Jackie DeShannon — Love Will Find a Way
(1:26:48) Haim — Night So Long
(1:29:48) Your DJs Stop Speaking for Today
(1:33:00) The Wellingtons — Scarecrow (Theme from The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh)

Episode #341: How Low Can We Go?

August 10, 2019

Half-measures are not for us and so this week you get a full measure of idiosyncrasy. Movie music, TV music, radio music, and many other things (note that Oxford comma which you should always use). It’s what you expect because you know us by now. And we know you too, many of you by name. So jump in and thanks for listening.

(0:00:00) Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette, Schoolchildren — Risselty Rosselty (from The Birds (1963))
(0:07:24) Your DJs Wonder If That Was a Little Too Much
(0:12:57) Doc Watson — Muskrat
(0:15:48) The Rolling Stones — Monkey Man
(0:20:00) José Feliciano — Light My Fire
(0:23:30) Buffy Sainte-Marie — The Circle Game
(0:26:23) Your DJs Discuss the Obvious
(0:28:24) Radio Commercial — Electricity: The Bright Spot in Your Budget
(0:29:18) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Padam, Padam
(0:32:47) Cassandra Wilson — Harvest Moon
(0:37:40) The Passionate and Objective Jokerfan (Matt Farley) — Iggy Azalea Is Nice Woman
(0:39:01) Peppa Pig — It's Peppa Pig
(0:41:26) Lizzo — Juice (2019 Tiny Desk Concert)
(0:47:46) Your DJs Discuss the Set Politely
(0:51:18) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Calling Dr. Marx
(0:53:55) The Cardigans — Lovefool
(0:57:27) The Kinks — Picture Book
(1:00:02) Paul Revere and The Raiders — Good Thing
(1:03:06) Your DJs Discuss Band Names and Other Things
(1:04:47) Édith Piaf — Padam, Padam
(1:08:03) Fats Domino — Blue Monday
(1:10:18) Fanfare Ciocărlia — Caravan
(1:14:39) Gwen Verdon, Bob Fosse — Who's Got the Pain? (from Damn Yankees (1958))
(1:18:11) Your DJs Played a Few Things There
(1:21:53) George Wright — Ascot Gavotte
(1:24:23) Madness — Our House
(1:27:43) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Sensuality
(1:28:04) Chubby Checker — Limbo Rock
(1:30:29) Elvis Presley — There's Always Me
(1:32:46) Your DJs Know When It’s Time to Leave
(1:36:28) Leonard Bernstein — Opening and Closing Themes to The Dick Cavett Show

Episode #340: Let ‘Em Go, Because, Man, They’re Gone

August 3, 2019

That’s half of summer gone now. But who cares? At any time of year you can listen and re-listen to this one which has timeless music and chat (well, the music at least). Covers! French! Piano! Twists! Shouts! Frank! Hoagy! And lots more, but you can read, can’t you? Listen first, though, and then read. Don’t spoil the surprise.

(0:00:00) Bettye LaVette — Things Have Changed
(0:06:54) Your DJs Think That Was Excellent
(0:13:54) Peter and Gordon — I Go to Pieces
(0:16:15) Los Bravos — Bring a Little Lovin' (from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019))
(0:18:33) The Beatles — Leave My Kitten Alone
(0:21:24) The Isley Brothers — Twist and Shout
(0:23:52) Your DJs Discuss Covers
(0:26:45) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Comme ci, comme ça
(0:29:52) Haim — Summer Girl
(0:33:36) Kate and Anna McGarrigle with The Mountain City Four — La valse du maître draveur (Log Driver's Waltz)
(0:36:37) Taylor Swift — The Archer
(0:40:07) Your DJs Just Played Four Selections for You
(0:44:11) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Tough to Get Good Help These Days
(0:49:43) A Tribe Called Quest — Luck of Lucien
(0:54:15) Jeanines — Either Way
(0:55:59) The Flying Burrito Brothers — Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)
(0:58:59) Janis Joplin — Get It While You Can
(1:02:24) Your DJs Have Some Words for You
(1:05:19) Robyn Hitchcock — Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl
(1:07:15) Irma Thomas — Ruler of My Heart
(1:09:52) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: If You Ever Drop Your Keys...
(1:10:13) Vince Guaraldi Trio — O Tannenbaum
(1:15:17) Frank Sinatra — The Night We Called It a Day
(1:18:38) William Bolcom — The Man I Love
(1:20:56) Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra — One Night in Havana
(1:24:18) Ray Charles — Hallelujah I Love Her So
(1:26:51) Your DJs Leave You Sleeping
(1:31:22) Peppa Pig — Peppa's Lullaby

Episode #339: Strings and Things

July 27, 2019

This week you’ll hear excellent-sounding instrumentals and covers, more strings than usual, the four seasons, jeans, jazz, cowboys, and more. The chat’s pretty good, too. Go.

(0:00:00) Otto Klemperer, Philharmonia Orchestra — Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, Op. 68 "Pastoral": I. Allegro ma non troppo
(0:12:58) Your DJs Explain
(0:19:09) Petula Clark — Les chants de l'été
(0:21:42) The Mantovani Orchestra — Greensleeves (What Child Is This?)
(0:24:47) Astrud Gilberto — It Might As Well Be Spring
(0:29:11) The Coasters — Autumn Leaves
(0:33:04) Your DJs with Their Explanations
(0:34:42) Jefferson Airplane — Levis Commercial #1
(0:35:41) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — Paris Canaille
(0:39:46) A Taste of Honey — Sukiyaki
(0:43:45) The London Double Bass Sound — Frère Jacques Fantasy
(0:49:16) Snoop Doggy Dogg — Lodi Dodi
(0:53:41) Your DJs with Information
(0:57:54) Jefferson Airplane — Levis Commercial #2
(0:58:39) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Transference
(1:00:38) Weezer — Rosanna
(1:05:28) Apocalyptica — Nothing Else Matters
(1:10:11) Art Pepper — Patricia
(1:13:47) Your DJs with a Recap
(1:17:01) Kramer — I'm Your Fan (live in Japan)
(1:19:39) Starbuck — Moonlight Feels Right
(1:23:13) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: A Tragic Love Affair
(1:23:38) The Free Design — Canada in Springtime
(1:26:06) Sinéad O'Connor — You Do Something to Me
(1:28:39) Your DJs with a Valediction
(1:33:03) Frankie Laine — Theme to Rawhide

Episode #338: We Don’t Need to Go Back There Again

July 20, 2019

This week we play covers, new discoveries, old favorites, music from movies and TV, and more, plus we discuss hamburgers and celebrities. It’s hot outside but it’s cool inside.

(0:00:00) The Millar Brass Ensemble conducted by Vincent Cichowicz — Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid, in the style of Joplin)
(0:02:53) Your DJs Have Arrived
(0:07:53) They Might Be Giants — Youth Culture Killed My Dog
(0:10:40) Taylor Swift — Fearless/I'm Yours/Hey, Soul Sister
(0:16:13) Siri — Directions to White Castle
(0:16:49) Ry Cooder — Theme from Southern Comfort (1981)
(0:20:33) Nas feat. Kanye West and Chrisette Michele — Still Dreaming
(0:24:12) Your DJs Discuss Fast Food and Other Things
(0:29:28) Cracker Jack — Candy-Coated Popcorn, Peanuts and a Prize (Commercial)
(0:29:57) Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra — The River Seine
(0:33:57) The Moonglows — Sincerely
(0:37:28) The McGuire Sisters — Sincerely
(0:45:26) Petula Clark — La Seine et la Tamise
(0:43:23) Your DJs Enjoyed the Set
(0:45:42) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Mrs. Fenn, Patron of the Arts
(0:55:58) Seals and Crofts — Summer Breeze
(0:59:21) The John Morris Orchestra, Cloris Leachman, Marty Feldman, Gene Wilder — Frau Blucher (from Young Frankenstein (1974))
(1:01:47) Laura Branigan — Name Game
(1:06:37) Karen Souza feat. Anita Repilado — Smooth Operator
(1:09:53) Your DJs Have Given You a Lot
(1:12:27) Bobby Vee — More Than I Can Say
(1:14:55) The Thrills — Hollywood Kids
(1:20:28) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: One Thing That Will Really Make a Woman Mad
(1:20:51) Michael Hedges — If I Needed Someone
(1:24:07) Jenny Lewis — Hollywood Lawn
(1:28:40) Your DJs Had a Great Time and Hope That You Did Too
(1:34:44) Max Richter — Themes from The Leftovers: Main Title (Season 1)/Departure (Lullaby)