Episode #364: Do We Have to Spell It Out?

January 18, 2020

This week we have tributes, solos, duets, children, karaoke, brass, jazz, pop, fugitives, and more. It’s just another January in the neighborhood.

(0:00:00) Alexandra Opsahl, Norwegian Baroque Orchestra — Johan Daniel Berlin: Sinfonia a 5 for Cornetto and Strings in D major
(0:09:04) Your DJs Set the Stage
(0:15:11) Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass — Flea Bag
(0:17:16) Harry Styles — Cherry
(0:21:35) Taylor Swift — I Knew You Were Trouble (instrumental with background vocals)
(0:25:13) Macy Gray — I Try (Live at the World Café)
(0:30:36) Your DJs Present a Little Tribute
(0:33:30) The Bonzo Dog Band — Quiet Talks and Summer Walks
(0:36:54) Neil Innes — Say Sorry Again
(0:39:17) The Rutles — Cheese and Onions
(0:41:56) Neil Innes — Momma Bee
(0:44:46) The Bonzo Dog Band — I'm the Urban Spaceman (acoustic version from Late Night Line Up (BBC) (1986))
(0:46:12) Your DJs Recap and Move On
(0:49:11) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — New Clothing
(0:51:10) Dean Martin — The Man Who Plays the Mandolino
(0:53:59) Edd “Kookie” Byrnes — Kookie's Mad Pad
(0:56:03) Dexter Gordon — Three O'Clock in the Morning
(1:01:46) Your DJs Discuss a Few Things
(1:04:37) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — David and Grandpa
(1:07:20) Darlingside — The Woods
(1:10:46) Sheryl Crow — Soak Up the Sun (album version)
(1:15:37) Vampire Weekend with children's choir — Christmastime Is Here/Harmony Hall (from The Late Late Show with James Corden, 2019-12-11)
(1:19:39) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Sometimes I Think That I Would Be...
(1:19:59) Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn — Tonk
(1:22:56) Aretha Franklin — Day Dreaming
(1:26:54) Your DJs Are Done in for Now
(1:32:27) City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (Pete Rugulo, composer) — Theme to The Fugitive

Episode #363: There’s Nowt Wrong with Gala Luncheons, Lad!

January 11, 2020

This week we’re no longer out of sight, out of mind, and out of this world. We’ve been gone for a week. Did our absence make your heart grow fonder? Did it grow three sizes? We hope to please even if we can’t promise to. The variety and the good intentions are all there. Here are 90 well-intentioned minutes that we made for you.

(0:00:00) Norma Tanega — You're Dead
(0:02:20) Your DJs Have Arrived
(0:06:48) Jelly Roll Morton — Jungle Blues (Piano Instrumental)
(0:10:33) The Temprees — My Baby Love
(0:13:24) Nelson Riddle — Your Zowie Face
(0:15:58) The Streets — Weak Become Heroes
(0:21:29) Your DJs Speak of Music
(0:25:00) The Passionate and Objective Jokerfan (Matt Farley) — I Felt Like Singing About Billy Currington
(0:26:20) Billy Currington — People Are Crazy
(0:30:11) The New Year — Sinking Ship
(0:33:30) Cathy Fink and Duck Donald — Knoxville Girl
(0:36:48) The Band — When You Awake
(0:40:00) Your DJs Revisit
(0:43:26) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — The Pope Joke/Fiddle Solo
(0:46:03) Elbow — Running to Stand Still (U2 cover)
(0:51:17) William Bolcom — I Got Rhythm
(0:52:35) Patty Griffin — Ruby's Arms
(0:58:40) Taylor Swift — Christmas Tree Farm
(1:02:26) Your DJs Speak About the Tunes
(1:05:46) Monty Python — Working Class Playwright
(1:09:22) The Free Design — I Found Love
(1:12:03) Marcie Blane — What Does a Girl Do
(1:14:18) Pharrell feat. Jay-Z — Frontin'
(1:18:12) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: An Old Man's Folly
(1:18:33) Leon Bridges — If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)
(1:21:46) Lana Del Rey — Doin' Time
(1:25:06) Your DJs Wrap It Up with a Bow
(1:30:29) Norma Tanega — A Street That Rhymes at 6am

Episode #362: It’s Like Bermuda in Michigan

January 4, 2020

It’s an Indian name but it almost sounds French. A new year needs a new episode, and we’re up to the challenge with completely original chat plus recorded music dating from the 1920s right through to the present day. That’s almost a hundred years of content but it should only take you about 90 minutes to listen. Happy New Year again.

(0:00:00) Jill Sobule — I Swear I Saw Christopher Reeve (Mackinac Island Charm)
(0:02:42) Your DJs Present the Podcast
(0:08:54) The Boswell Sisters — When I Take My Sugar to Tea
(0:12:05) Ray Conniff — Harmony
(0:14:46) Winifred Atwell — Poor People of Paris
(0:16:42) Vince Guaraldi — It's Your Dog Charlie Brown
(0:19:48) Harry Styles — Adore You
(0:23:15) Your DJs Discuss Sets and Set Theory
(0:28:14) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — Bob Anderson 3/9/41 / "I'm so perplexed without you, baby" - D. Jonas
(0:33:22) Lucinda Williams — This Old Guitar
(0:36:20) Jann Arden — Could I Be Your Girl
(0:41:07) Isaac Hayes — Stormy Monday Blues
(0:44:22) Your DJs Have Never Been to Tahoe
(0:49:21) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Disc Jockey
(0:58:24) The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra — The Knight Bus (from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004))
(1:01:12) The Good Johnsons — Zou Bisou Bisou
(1:03:32) Your Old Droog — Good Times
(1:07:43) Your DJs Make Sure of the Correct Spelling
(1:11:04) Unknown Announcer and Singer — Talens in Song and Story (Ad for Talens School Supplies)
(1:12:32) The Hollies — I Can't Let Go
(1:14:55) Lee Michaels — Do You Know What I Mean
(1:18:07) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: The Dove
(1:18:32) The Shanghai Quartet — Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) (from Mary Poppins, in the style of Brahms)
(1:22:04) Miles Davis and John Coltrane — Blue in Green
(1:27:37) Your DJs Are Done for the Day
(1:32:41) Edwin Astley and His Orchestra — High Wire (extended theme to Danger Man)

Episode #361: There Must Be Something Wrong with This, Sally

December 28, 2019

We regale you this week with the sweet voices of children, rappers, pop stars, country stars, rock stars, beard rock stars, baritones, drunken partiers, and more. Lots of irreverence with barely a hint of reverence. Long selections, short selections, and even Bing. Happy New Year!

(0:00:00) Juan Schwartz (Trey Parker) and The South Park Children's Choir — Dead, Dead, Dead
(0:02:12) Your DJs Appear
(0:06:27) Gertrude Lawrence — Someone to Watch Over Me (from Oh, Kay! (1926))
(0:09:53) Harry Styles — Juice (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
(0:13:10) Uncle Mac — There's a Friend for Little Children
(0:15:14) Beastie Boys — B-Boys Bouillabaisse
(0:27:49) Your DJs Are Relatable
(0:30:42) Unknown Announcer — Progress in Advertising (Ad for Durium)
(0:32:01) Cougar on a Meth Binge — Cutie Face
(0:35:34) Shania Twain — Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
(0:39:28) Taylor Swift — Macavity (from Cats (2019))
(0:44:39) Johnny Guarnieri with Slam Stewart — Santa's Secret
(0:47:25) Your DJs Speak
(0:52:34) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — Betsy Sal/Sal Boo
(0:57:04) Kacey Musgraves — Happy and Sad
(1:01:14) The Liverbirds — He's Something Else
(1:03:30) Love — Everybody's Gotta Live
(1:06:50) Your DJs Speak to the Subject at Hand
(1:11:33) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Doing the Bard
(1:14:52) Stacey Kent — Jardin d'hiver
(1:18:23) Erich Kunz, Male Chorus and Orchestra of the Vienna Volksoper, Franz Litschauer — Doktor Eisenbart (Doctor Ironbeard)
(1:20:05) Lindisfarne — Fog on the Tyne
(1:23:28) The Weepies — World Spins Madly On
(1:26:12) Your DJs Are Ready for the Finish
(1:30:19) Bing Crosby — Let's Start the New Year Right

Episode #360: Get One of Those for Your Trousers

December 21, 2019

All right, so it’s a theme episode. Sometimes that just happens. We’re okay with it, and you probably are too. But if not, we hope you’ll be back next week for more stuff. There’s always more stuff. It’s never-ending.

(0:00:00) The Beatles — Christmas Time Is Here Again! (The Beatles’ Fifth Christmas Record) (1967)
(0:06:10) Your DJs Figure It Out in Real Time
(0:08:59) Judy Garland — Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (from Meet Me in St. Louis (1944))
(0:11:37) Taylor Swift — Christmas When You Were Mine
(0:14:41) John Fahey — Good King Wenceslas
(0:15:43) Father Guido Sarducci — I Won't Be Twisting This Christmas
(0:18:59) John Denver and The Muppets — Silent Night, Holy Night
(0:22:07) Your DJs Discuss Muppets and More
(0:24:09) The Chieftains with the Renaissance Singers and David Drinkel — Once in Royal David's City
(0:26:37) The John Coltrane Quartet — Greensleeves
(0:36:35) Allan Sherman — Christmas '65 (Draft Cards) (outtake)
(0:38:26) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Old Waits Carol
(0:41:01) Bill Lloyd — Underneath the Christmas Tree
(0:44:07) Your DJs Have Opinions
(0:47:45) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Christmas Gift
(0:49:53) Barenaked Ladies — Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah
(0:52:02) The Roches — For Unto Us a Child Is Born
(0:55:57) Jimmy Eat World — Last Christmas
(1:00:24) Your DJs Recap and Relate
(1:02:38) Ricky Vera and Steve Allen — How Can Santa Come to Puerto Rico
(1:06:15) Deep Sea Diver — The First Noel
(1:09:58) Fats Domino — I Told Santa Claus
(1:13:33) James Brown — Tit for Tat (Ain't No Taking Back)
(1:16:38) Your DJs Start the Home Stretch (That’s a Baseball Term)
(1:18:33) New York Philharmonic directed by Leonard Bernstein — Carol of the Bells
(1:21:11) Kristin Chenoweth feat. John Pizzarelli — Sleigh Ride/Marshmallow World
(1:24:48) Hallmark Snowman and Snowwoman — We Wish You a Merry Christmas (2003) (stereo)
(1:25:20) The Monkees — Angels We Have Heard on High
(1:28:07) Mary J. Blige — Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
(1:30:35) Your DJs Reach the End of Your Rope
(1:35:40) Alma Cogan — Must Be Santa

Episode #359: Bimbo, Limbo, Spam

December 14, 2019

Retailers aren’t reliable but your co-hosts are. Hear us play recorded music for each other and then chat about it. It’s like eavesdropping but with simpler technology and it’s completely ethical. You’re actually invited. Sometimes we even mention you by name. Hi, guys and gals!

(0:00:00) The Deller Consort — Once in Royal David's City
(0:02:23) Your DJs Wait for Crate and Barrel to Call
(0:07:30) Bill Frisell — Rebel Rouser
(0:11:09) Bessie Smith — A Good Man Is Hard to Find
(0:14:16) DaBaby — Suge
(0:16:58) Beastie Boys — Dramastically Different
(0:20:54) Your DJs Continue Waiting for Crate and Barrel
(0:23:41) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — Goodbye to Duane/“Hazel, Get My Supper...."
(0:26:18) Kacey Musgraves — Christmas Makes Me Cry
(0:29:07) Roger Miller — England Swings
(0:31:00) Del Shannon — The Prom
(0:33:20) Barbara Long — Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You
(0:36:32) Your DJs Haven’t Heard from Crate and Barrel
(0:41:52) Brownbilt Melo-Clarions with The Brownbilt Trio — Upside Down in Love (Ad for Brown-Bilt Shoes)
(0:43:14) Paul McCartney — Another Day
(0:46:54) Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs — Free Fallin'
(0:51:10) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Fresh Paint
(0:52:49) Charlie Haden and Hank Jones — God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
(0:55:16) The Band — Greensleeves (from The Last Waltz (1978))
(0:56:53) The Barr Brothers — Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
(0:59:41) Your DJs Talk to You
(1:03:45) Chet Atkins — Georgy Girl
(1:06:32) The Manhattans — There's No Me Without You
(1:10:08) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band — The Dust Blows Forward ’n the Dust Blows Back
(1:12:00) Kate Smith — A Merry American Christmas
(1:15:02) De La Soul — Stakes Is High
(1:20:33) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: County Fair
(1:20:59) Jefferson Airplane — Third Week in the Chelsea
(1:25:32) Taylor Swift — Back to December
(1:30:25) Your DJs Explain Why You Enjoyed the Show, and Then They Leave
(1:35:02) Nancy Armstrong, The Boston Camerata, Joel Cohen — The Sunny Bank

Episode #358: From Across the River on the Jersey Side

December 7, 2019

Feel that nip in the air? Unless you’re down under you’ll need to get used to it for a while. But we’re here, safely indoors, providing light-hearted and heavy-hearted music and chat year-round, even when it isn’t Christmas. Hello, and behold.

(0:00:00) Dave Swarbrick and Simon Nicol — The Dogs They Had a Party
(0:03:01) Your DJs Start the Party
(0:06:18) Phil Spitalny's Hour of Charm All-Girl Orchestra and Choir — 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
(0:09:24) Kacey Musgraves — Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
(0:12:24) Phil Spitalny's Hour of Charm All-Girl Orchestra and Choir — Carol of the Bells
(0:13:56) Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra — The Toy Trumpet
(0:16:20) The Orioles — Lonely Christmas
(0:19:01) Your DJs Explain About the Vinyl
(0:23:52) Allan Sherman — Scott Cups
(0:26:18) The Rolling Stones — 100 Years Ago
(0:31:04) Wanda Jackson — Funnel of Love
(0:33:10) Harry Styles — Watermelon Sugar
(0:36:05) Your DJs Chat
(0:39:57) Bob and Ray — Power Shovel Maker: Conrad Wary
(0:42:57) Corinne Bailey Rae — Jersey Girl
(0:48:31) The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra — 2001 Sprach Kazoostra
(0:49:41) Fleetwood Mac — Albatross
(0:52:52) Charles Bradley — Victim of Love
(0:56:21) Your DJs Explain About It
(0:58:28) Tom Thumb — Sing, Rummy
(1:01:33) Ned's Atomic Dustbin — Kill Your Television
(1:04:32) My Morning Jacket — Outta My System
(1:07:53) Jasmine Thompson — I Will Follow You Into the Dark
(1:11:16) Your DJs Chat, and Then Music
(1:16:12) Booker T. and The M.G.'s — Time Is Tight
(1:19:28) DaBaby — Intro
(1:22:21) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Jupiter
(1:22:42) Blossom Dearie — Long Daddy Green
(1:26:01) Ella Fitzgerald — Thou Swell
(1:28:04) Your DJs Congratulate Themselves
(1:32:57) Nelson Riddle — Theme to The Untouchables

Episode #357: If Brains Were Dynamite, We Wouldn’t Have Enough

November 30, 2019

The days are getting shorter and colder and the podcasts are getting longer. If your heart has cockles they will be warmed by this week’s offering of music, chat, and other stuff, crafted in the heartland of America by craftspeople who aren’t making a penny from it.

(0:00:00) Julie Andrews with the Starlight Roof Orchestra — Polonaise "Je suis Titania" (from Mignon)
(0:03:21) Your DJs Talk Birthdays and Start the Engine Running
(0:11:10) Carl Perkins — Honey Don't (alternate #3)
(0:13:59) Elvis Presley — Put the Blame on Me
(0:15:57) Burl Ives — Sweet Betsy from Pike
(0:17:36) Shawn Colvin — Diamond in the Rough (2019 acoustic version)
(0:22:06) Lucinda Williams — Still I Long for Your Kiss
(0:26:14) Your DJs Go Over It
(0:29:06) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — Ray Whistling 2/27/48 / Guitar Duet - Manila, P. I.
(0:32:15) The Sundays — She
(0:35:39) Mandy Moore — The Whole of the Moon (The Waterboys cover)
(0:40:40) Chance the Rapper feat. MadeinTyo and DaBaby — Hot Shower
(0:44:27) Your DJs Speak About It and Then Follow Through
(0:49:34) Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees — Stein Song (University of Maine)
(0:52:50) Alexi Murdoch — Orange Sky
(0:59:07) Bob and Ray — Crank Call #1
(0:59:27) The Who — I Can See for Miles
(1:03:34) Tears for Fears — Sowing the Seeds of Love
(1:08:38) Your DJs Discuss It
(1:10:28) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Buying a Tie
(1:12:55) Kristin Chenoweth — Let's Fall in Love
(1:16:03) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Dad Always Thought Laughter Was the Best Medicine
(1:16:24) German Brass — Tico-Tico
(1:19:00) Taylor Swift — Cornelia Street
(1:23:46) Bob and Ray — Crank Call #2
(1:24:41) John Prine — Silver Bells
(1:28:37) David Kernan, Liz Robertson, Louise Gold — London Pride/I Happen to Like New York (from Noël/Cole: Let’s Do It! (1994))
(1:32:39) Your DJs Are Happy About a Job Well Done
(1:35:36) Ann Bennett (Winston Sharples, composer) — Theme to Felix the Cat

Episode #356: The Letter Oh and the Numeral Oh

November 23, 2019

This week we’re thankful that we have listeners, that we’ll never run out of music and stuff, and that the Axis was defeated. We’re also thankful for dial service and for Eve Arden. Have a holly jolly Thanksgiving on us. (But we’re not paying for yours.)

(0:00:00) Bell Telephone System — Now You Can Dial (1954)
(0:09:36) Your DJs Arrive and Thank You
(0:13:44) Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers — Strangest Christmas Yet
(0:17:21) Paul Simon — Everything Put Together Falls Apart
(0:19:21) Mary O'Hara — Haigh Didil Dum
(0:20:27) Sutton Foster — You Can Close Your Eyes
(0:22:44) The Waterboys — The Whole of the Moon
(0:27:44) Your DJs Explain It All
(0:31:03) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — "Calling All Cars...”/Eat to Live
(0:33:53) Lana Del Rey — Fuck It, I Love You
(0:37:29) Rosie Thomas — Farewell
(0:40:39) Karen Dalton — Little Bit of Rain
(0:43:12) Your DJs Have Information
(0:45:09) Unknown Announcer — Frigidaire's New Year's Message to Frigidaire Salesmen
(0:46:37) Esquivel — Sentimental Journey
(0:49:13) D’Angelo and The Vanguard — Sugah Daddy
(0:54:24) Blossom Dearie — Quiet Night of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
(0:57:14) Shirley Horn — Come Dance with Me
(1:00:04) Your DJs Speak Once More
(1:01:58) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Spies
(1:05:29) Grizzly Bear — Deep Blue Sea
(1:09:12) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Outer Space Guys
(1:09:34) Turin Brakes — Chim Chim Cher-Ee (Originally by Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews, from Mary Poppins (1964))
(1:13:26) Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie — Dream a Little Dream of Me
(1:17:31) William Bolcom — Liza
(1:19:30) The Continental (Renzo Cesana) — Roses and Champagne
(1:22:43) Carson Robison Trio — Turkey in the Straw
(1:25:33) Your DJs Thank You and Leave the Building
(1:30:34) Wilbur Hatch — Theme to Our Miss Brooks (1948-1954)

Episode #355: No Use Making a Hermit of Yourself Because of a Girl

November 16, 2019

Seven years in the making: it’s our seventh anniversary show! It’s very much like all the others which is a good thing because we wouldn’t want to scare anyone away. So you’ll hear old and new, fast and slow, originals and covers, Nichols and May, all of that and more. We appreciate your ears and we thank you for lending them to us.

(0:00:00) Henry Burr with Billy Murray — I Wonder Where My Baby Is To-Night?
(0:03:17) Your DJs Are Still Here After All These Years
(0:06:46) Courtney Barnett — Keep On
(0:11:12) Taylor Swift feat. Dixie Chicks — Soon You’ll Get Better
(0:14:32) Kristin Chenoweth feat. Dolly Parton — I Will Always Love You
(0:17:52) Dinah Shore with the Morris Stoloff Orchestra — Anniversary Song
(0:20:55) Your DJs Play the Hits
(0:24:07) Mark Fay and Melinda Simon — Lump/Coaxing the Baby
(0:27:50) Pink Martini — Sunday Table
(0:32:27) Enoch Light — Matilda
(0:35:10) Kanye West feat. Clipse and Kenny G — Use This Gospel
(0:38:46) Your DJs Pick Apart That Last Set
(0:41:05) A Rudy Vallee Orchestra, Richard Himber (director) — Which Do You Prefer? (Ad for Rudy Vallee Orchestras)
(0:45:34) Charlie Haden and Gonzalo Rubalcaba — When Will the Blues Leave
(0:54:04) Duke Ellington — Far East Suite: Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues)
(0:57:04) Shirley Horn — Come Dance with Me (Sugardaddy Remix - Tom Findlay (Groove Armada))
(1:01:44) Your DJs Think That Was a Little Jazzy
(1:05:05) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Artist
(1:07:00) Bon Iver — Holyfields,
(1:10:03) Skegss — Got on My Skateboard
(1:13:50) Bear's Den — Sophie
(1:18:52) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: The Desert
(1:19:22) Coralie Clément — C'est la vie
(1:21:48) The Head and The Heart — Let's Be Still
(1:25:55) Your DJs Return to the Ether for a While
(1:30:50) Paul Shaffer — Theme to The Late Show with David Letterman