Episode #388: It Has the Flavor of Gay Paris

July 4, 2020

This week another tribute set (oh no!), summer music, medical advice, a new adventure for Eloise, jazz and pop and covers and birds, plus some NEW NEW NEW music for a change. And more (as usual). Happy holidays.

(0:00:00) Chorus, Betty Garrett — Atmosphere (Intro to My Sister Eileen (1955))
(0:02:38) Your DJs Wish They Could Live There
(0:07:49) Haim — Hallelujah
(0:11:00) Taylor Swift — Death by a Thousand Cuts (Live from Paris)
(0:14:20) John Prine — My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight
(0:18:03) Jackson Browne — Sky Blue and Black
(0:24:06) Your DJs Are to Blame
(0:28:41) Ambrose and His Orchestra feat. Vera Lynn, Max Bacon, The Manhattan Trio — The Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don't Watch Out)
(0:31:39) Vera Lynn — A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
(0:34:50) Vera Lynn — (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover
(0:38:06) Vera Lynn — Christopher Robin Is Saying His Prayers
(0:41:13) Your DJs Are Glad the War Is Over
(0:43:54) Bernadette Peters — Eloise in Paris: Part 1
(0:51:33) Sara Gazarek — Junk
(0:54:57) Paul McCartney — Junk
(0:56:51) DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince — Summertime
(1:01:22) Your DJs Love That It’s Summer
(1:03:21) Lillian Stokes — Arctic Loon/Pacific Loon
(1:04:32) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — I Love Lucy
(1:07:59) The New Formula — Do It Again a Little Bit Slower
(1:10:31) Ronnie Hilton — Magic Moments
(1:13:17) OutKast — Ms. Jackson
(1:17:49) Camel Cigarettes — The Cigarette Preferred by Doctors
(1:18:45) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Blue Jay
(1:19:43) Judy Garland with John Ireland and Charley LaVere — Charley's Blues
(1:23:12) Bettye Swann — I'm Lonely for You
(1:25:54) Your DJs Bid You Goodnight
(1:31:19) Vera Lynn with Arthur Young at the Novachord — Goodnight Children, Everywhere

Episode #387: No Treat at All!

June 27, 2020

Start with movies and end with TV: that’s our proven recipe for podcast success. Now that you know, you can start your own successful podcast! But please don’t, we want to continue as your primary source of entertainment for years to come, at least until we’ve played all the bird songs and the 17-year cicadas have returned. We’re still having so much fun.

(0:00:00) The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra — The Hogwarts March (from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2007))
(0:02:53) Your DJs Report, Correct, and Shout Out
(0:08:27) Bert Kaempfert — Dutch Treat
(0:10:42) The Searchers — Bumble Bee
(0:12:54) Tony Randall and Jack Klugman — You're So Vain
(0:16:10) Clarence Carter — Patches
(0:19:18) Your DJs Recap and Precap
(0:22:15) Dave Bailey Quintet — Comin' Home Baby
(0:27:51) Herbie Mann — Comin' Home Baby
(0:36:25) Mel Tormé — Comin' Home Baby
(0:39:08) Quincy Jones — Comin' Home Baby
(0:41:52) Sylvie Vartan — Ne t’en vas pas (Comin' Home Baby)
(0:44:20) Your DJs Discuss All These Versions
(0:48:19) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Bighorn Sheep
(0:49:16) Judy Garland with John Ireland — Love in the Village
(0:53:49) The Dreamlovers — If I Should Lose You
(0:56:16) Janis Martin — My Boy Elvis
(0:58:24) Kid Cudi feat. MGMT and Ratatat — Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)
(1:03:20) Your DJs Speak
(1:07:46) Donald Stokes — Pied-billed Grebe (Eastern Region)
(1:08:32) Bernadette Peters — Eloise: Part 5
(1:12:11) Duran Duran — My Own Way
(1:16:59) Niuver — C'est toi que j'aime
(1:20:21) Erykah Badu — Appletree
(1:24:47) Your DJs Close the Bar
(1:30:35) DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince — Theme from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Episode #386: Put It on Vibrate!

June 20, 2020

We had fun making this! It’s mostly old stuff but it’s GOOD old stuff, y’know? How can we still be having so much fun after all these years? Words fail us.

(0:00:00) Dolly Parton — I Will Always Love You
(0:02:54) Your DJs Are Here
(0:05:52) James Booker — Big Nick
(0:07:44) Nino Ferrer — Les cornichons (1965 version)
(0:10:45) Sly and The Family Stone — Loose Booty
(0:14:29) Fountains of Wayne — Hey Julie
(0:17:06) Beastie Boys — Shadrach
(0:21:16) Your DJs Love Music and Birds
(0:25:43) Donald and Lillian Stokes — Introduction to Western Guide/Red-throated Loon
(0:27:58) Kaleidoscope — Please
(0:31:15) The Neon Philharmonic — Morning Girl
(0:33:53) Bruz Fletcher — Drunk with Love
(0:36:53) Lena Horne — Old Devil Moon
(0:39:26) Your DJs Are Back
(0:42:20) Canadian Wildlife Service — The American Black Duck
(0:43:19) Judy Garland with John Ireland — Beautiful Trouble
(0:47:38) Bonnie Pointer — Heaven Must Have Sent You
(0:51:10) Billy J. Kramer with Mootopia — Cow Planet (Episode 3)
(0:53:05) Abba — Ring Ring (German Version)
(0:56:14) Little Richard — Ooh! My Soul
(0:58:20) Your DJs Talk About That Set
(1:02:16) Bernadette Peters — Eloise: Part 4
(1:07:21) Claude Léveillée — Le petit cheval de bois
(1:09:56) Paul Jacobs — Ghost Rags: Dream Shadows
(1:15:44) Oscar Peterson — What Is This Thing Called Love?
(1:18:55) Ken Nordine — Bubble Gum
(1:21:31) De La Soul — Kicked Out the House
(1:23:28) Your DJs Are Gone Now
(1:27:00) Jerry Goldsmith — Carol Anne's Theme (from Poltergeist (1982))

Episode #385: Continue to Follow the Road for Eight Million Bazillion Miles

June 13, 2020

We spent an hour and a half and we managed to come up with this. It’s all well chosen and clearly identified and properly annotated: old and new, covers and originals, songs and instrumentals, smiles and chuckles. You are the beneficiaries, but only if you choose to listen.

(0:00:00) Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn — Banjo Banjo
(0:03:47) Your DJs Are Back Like Always
(0:08:57) Jimmy Driftwood — The Battle of New Orleans
(0:12:49) Muddy Waters — I'm Ready
(0:15:52) Richie Havens — Tombstone Blues
(0:21:18) Carl Perkins — Matchbox
(0:23:46) Your DJs Discuss Covers
(0:27:28) The Moody Blues — Lovely to See You
(0:30:02) Karen Black — Rolling Stone (from Nashville (1975))
(0:34:23) Barnaby Bye — Jessie Girl
(0:38:48) Harry Styles — Fine Line
(0:45:04) Your DJs Explain How They Did That
(0:49:52) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Wolf
(0:50:51) Billy J. Kramer — Cow Planet (Episode 2)
(0:52:10) Freddie Gibbs and Madlib — Shitsville
(0:55:42) Arthur Fields — Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
(0:58:29) Taylor Swift — Daylight
(1:03:17) Your DJs Talk About Things
(1:05:46) Donald and Lillian Stokes — Introduction to Eastern Guide/Common Loon
(1:07:42) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Chopin
(1:11:23) Otis Redding — My Lover's Prayer
(1:14:30) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: When I Found the Skull in the Woods
(1:15:00) Bernadette Peters — Eloise: Part 3
(1:20:50) Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France, avec Stéphane Grappelli — I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
(1:23:42) Your DJs Are Justly Pleased with the Program
(1:30:07) Bing Crosby — Let's Put Out the Lights and Go to Sleep

Episode #384: Duck Duck Don’t Go

June 6, 2020

Music and stories and chat, then more music and more stories and more chat, over and over again. That’s what this program is all about. Hear what’s going on with us, our hopes and dreams, and then tell us your own problems, if you can find us. We’re right here, listening hard.

(0:00:00) The King's Noyse with Ellen Hargis (soprano) and Paul O'Dette (lute) — Barbara Allen's cruelty
(0:06:54) Your DJs with Stories about Life and Nature
(0:15:13) The Beatles — I'll Be Back (from A Hard Day’s Night (1964))
(0:17:34) Mina — Come Sinfonia
(0:20:09) Alice B. Toklas — Recipe for Hashish Fudge
(0:25:09) Harpers Bizarre — I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (from I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (1968))
(0:27:16) Leon Bridges — Twistin' and Groovin'
(0:31:28) Your DJs Talk and Talk
(0:38:48) Bernadette Peters — Eloise: Part 2
(0:44:41) Marvin Gaye — Come Get to This
(0:47:36) Mitch and Mickey — When You're Next to Me (from A Mighty Wind (2003))
(0:50:35) Mandy Patinkin — You Could Drive a Person Crazy (from Company)
(0:52:39) Your DJs Could Drive a Person Crazy
(0:56:56) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Beaver
(0:57:41) Neko Case — Bad Luck
(1:01:34) Kacey Musgraves — Dandelion
(1:04:38) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — The New Baby
(1:06:21) Judy Garland — Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries
(1:08:17) Kendrick Lamar feat. James Fauntleroy and Ronald Isley — How Much a Dollar Cost
(1:12:40) Your DJs Prepare for the End
(1:15:03) Billy J. Kramer — Cow Planet
(1:18:50) Ramp — Daylight
(1:23:01) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Vampire Children
(1:23:22) Evan Rachel Wood — All Is Found (from Frozen 2 (2019))
(1:25:28) Taylor Swift — Cornelia Street (Live from Paris)
(1:30:25) Your DJs Dismiss You and Head for Deep Space
(1:35:40) Gil Melle — Theme to Rod Serling’s Night Gallery

Episode #383: No Wonder There Are So Many Christians

May 30, 2020

This week you’ll hear theme sets (sorry), show tunes, covers, fiddles, a book for precocious grown-ups, irreverence, and lots more. Indulge us by indulging yourselves.

(0:00:00) Walter Jacobs and Lonnie Carter (Walter Vinson and Lonnie Chatman) — The Jazz Fiddler
(0:03:13) Your DJs Show Up
(0:07:55) King Missile — Jesus Was Way Cool
(0:10:13) Ween — Frank
(0:14:17) Kramer — Buddy Holly Will Never Die
(0:16:48) Daniel Johnston — Tears Stupid Tears
(0:22:16) Your DJs Discover a Theme
(0:26:08) George Wright — On the Street Where You Live
(0:30:26) Betty Wright — Clean Up Woman
(0:33:40) Syreeta Wright — I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel for You
(0:36:18) Willie Wright — Lady of the Year
(0:40:55) Your DJs Discover Another Theme
(0:42:39) Bernadette Peters — Eloise: Part 1
(0:47:14) Blossom Dearie — The Ladies Who Lunch
(0:52:21) Bobby Short — Bye Bye Blackbird
(0:56:01) Rufus Wainwright — The Man That Got Away
(1:01:02) Your DJs Discover Yet Another Theme
(1:02:30) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Loon
(1:04:29) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Successful Director
(1:06:53) Jimmy Castor — Hey Leroy, Your Mama's Calling You
(1:09:17) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: A Good Thing to Hang on Your Porch
(1:09:43) Paul Jacobs — Ghost Rags: Poltergeist
(1:13:11) Phoebe Bridgers — Funeral
(1:17:01) Melanie — Sign on the Window
(1:19:24) Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyoncé — Savage (Remix)
(1:23:25) Your DJs Have Gotten Away with It Again
(1:30:03) Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees — Let's Put Out the Lights

Episode #382: There Are Still Some Guys in Hell Doing Time on a Meat Rap

May 23, 2020

Holiday weekends bring out the listeners. Hi, listeners! This week you’ll hear no covers and no foreign languages but you might hear some movie and TV music, instrumentals, pianos, show tunes, rags, animal noises, chat, and more. Maybe. You get what you pay for.

(0:00:00) Arthur Fiedler and The Boston Pops Orchestra — Polka (from Shostakovich, The Golden Age, Op. 22)
(0:02:13) Your DJs Are Back Where They Belong
(0:08:40) Liberace — Charade
(0:11:36) Oliver — Good Morning Starshine
(0:15:14) Gipsy Kings — Ternuras (instrumental)
(0:18:38) Ed Sheeran — This
(0:21:54) Your DJs Discuss Lyrics
(0:25:35) George Carlin — Special Dispensation - Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Limbo/Heavy Mysteries
(0:31:16) The Beach Boys — Surf's Up (from SMiLE)
(0:36:30) Paul Jacobs — Paul Jacobs on William Bolcom/Ghost Rags 1: The Graceful Ghost Rag
(0:41:53) Megan Thee Stallion — Savage
(0:44:29) Your DJs Speak
(0:47:26) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Woodchuck
(0:48:25) Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson — Tools/Nothing to Do
(0:53:27) Harry Styles — Treat People with Kindness
(0:56:41) Bee Gees — Lonely Days
(1:00:26) Animal Collective — Loch Raven
(1:05:24) Your DJs Explain
(1:08:58) Charli Adams — Cloverland Drive
(1:12:59) Nina Simone — Lilac Wine
(1:17:21) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: If You're a Cowboy...
(1:17:36) Jelly Roll Morton — "King Porter Stomp" (Piano Instrumental)/The Story of "King Porter Stomp" (Spoken)
(1:21:42) Raymond Scott — When Cootie Left the Duke (Jan. 6, 1941 )
(1:25:11) Your DJs Send You Out to Have Fun
(1:30:13) George Tipton and Leslie Bricusse — Theme to It's a Living

Episode #381: A Grievous Offense, Sufficient Reflection, and Full Consent of the Will

May 16, 2020

That’s the way it’s done, that’s the Full Duplex Radio formula for success. This week’s successes include classic comedy, lovely covers, retro soul, ex-bashing, pianos, a novachord, Disney music, and more, interrupted regularly by explanations and gossip and chat. Take it out for a spin! The first one is free.

(0:00:00) Amy Adams — That’s How You Know (from Enchanted (2007))
(0:03:47) Your DJs Are Here to Conduct Their Regular Business
(0:09:35) Cilla Black — Anyone Who Had a Heart
(0:12:25) Theo Bleckmann — Cloudbusting
(0:16:03) Jenifer Jackson — Burned Down Summer
(0:19:53) Taylor Swift — Dear John
(0:26:37) Your DJs Gossip
(0:30:44) George Carlin — I Used to Be Irish Catholic/The Confessional
(0:37:54) Carolyn Crawford — My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down)
(0:41:04) Jimmy Castor — Oh, Yeh
(0:43:50) Robin Thicke — I Love It (Originally by Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX)
(0:46:33) Your DJs Intrude
(0:49:47) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Cougar
(0:50:45) Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson — Four Seasons
(0:56:06) Leon Bridges — Bad Bad News
(0:59:32) The Monkees — Laurel and Hardy
(1:02:16) Miley Cyrus — Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
(1:07:51) Your DJs Make Sure You Understand
(1:10:29) Buddy Holly — I'm Gonna Love You Too
(1:12:43) Prince — I Wanna Be Your Lover
(1:18:30) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: Grandpa's Farm
(1:19:03) George Winston — The Masked Marvel
(1:24:37) Komeda — It's Alright, Baby
(1:27:38) Your DJs Have Had It, We’re Going Home Now
(1:31:33) Vera Lynn with Arthur Young at the Novachord — We'll Meet Again

Episode #380: Is My Llama Selling Bacon?

May 9, 2020

This week you’ll get help for your next pub trivia quiz while you enjoy music and chat ranging from the 1920s almost through today: standards, covers, movies, animals, chocolate, and more. There’s always more. Regular listeners know this. Drop in and download.

(0:00:00) They Might Be Giants — Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
(0:02:33) Your DJs Have a New Mnemonic
(0:06:24) Mary Chapin Carpenter — Another Home
(0:10:52) Taylor Swift — London Boy (2019 Live Lounge)
(0:14:12) One Direction — Steal My Girl (Acoustic Version)
(0:17:59) Jenny Lewis — On the Line
(0:21:49) Your DJs Recap the Set
(0:24:24) Canadian Wildlife Service — The American Robin
(0:25:21) King Radio — Matilda
(0:28:03) Father's Children — Hollywood Dreaming
(0:32:45) The Roches — Pounding (from Crossing Delancey (1988))
(0:34:31) The Joy Boys — Istanbul
(0:37:08) Jungle Brothers — Sunshine
(0:40:53) Your DJs Tell You About It
(0:45:14) Neil Innes — Breakfast Things 1 (from Innes Own World: Best Bits (Part One))
(0:48:21) Slim Gaillard and His Middle Europeans — Yip Roc Heresy
(0:50:50) Albert Whelan — My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies
(0:53:41) Freddie Hubbard — Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
(1:01:55) Your DJs Explain It to You All
(1:06:00) Bob and Ray — Cynthia Sweet's Chocolate (commercial)
(1:07:16) Blossom Dearie — Our Love Is Here to Stay
(1:10:27) Stacey Kent — Thou Swell
(1:15:15) Susannah McCorkle — How Deep Is the Ocean?
(1:19:19) Judy Garland — Medley: Almost Like Being in Love/This Can't Be Love
(1:25:47) Your DJs End the Show Feeling Good About It
(1:31:04) Zbigniew Preisner — Closing Credits from Trois Couleurs: Bleu (1993)

Episode #379: Half an Inch of Water and You Think You’re Gonna Drown

May 2, 2020

If we MAY we’d like to present our first program of the new month featuring animals, children, hats, tributes, the silly, the old, and the extremely new. You MAY even enjoy it. MAYbe.

(0:00:00) The Beatles — Back in the U.S.S.R. (Esher Demo)
(0:03:00) Your DJs, Back Again
(0:10:09) Deee-Lite — Groove Is in the Heart
(0:14:02) Fiona Apple — Under the Table
(0:17:22) Nouvelle Vague — Bizarre Love Triangle
(0:20:09) Harry Styles — To Be So Lonely
(0;23:21) Your DJs Speak Between Sets
(0:27:31) Fountains of Wayne — Richie and Ruben
(0:31:03) Sun Ra and His Arkestra, Harry Nilsson — Medley Five (Technicolor Pachyderms): Pink Elephants on Parade/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
(0:39:13) McCoy Tyner — Española
(0:43:10) John Prine — That's the Way That the World Goes 'Round
(0:46:29) Your DJs Look Back at That
(0:49:28) Canadian Wildlife Service — The Chipmunk
(0:50:26) Sam Phillips — Baby I Can't Please You (KCSA Live from the Music Hall)
(0:53:33) Nick Lowe — Cruel to Be Kind
(0:57:01) Rainbo (Sissy Spacek) — John, You Went Too Far This Time
(1:00:43) The Yardbirds — New York City Blues
(1:05:01) Your DJs Prep You and Continue
(1:09:41) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Keep It Under Your Hat
(1:13:24) Paul Simon — The Boy in the Bubble
(1:17:23) Jack Handey — Deep Thoughts: The Whole Town Laughed at My Great-Grandfather
(1:18:31) Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson — Encore
(1:20:31) INXS — New Sensation
(1:24:10) Cher — The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss) (from Mermaids (1990))
(1:27:00) Lovage — To Catch a Thief
(1:30:16) Your DJs Summarize and Head for the Exit
(1:33:36) Bernard Herrmann — The Rooftop Chase (from Vertigo (1958))